Todos is Spanish for All!

¡Todos para uno y uno para todos! That’s Spanish for ‘All for one and one for all’! Yes! Free Spanish Lessons for All: Kids First. At Kasa de Franko, we believe in coming together like a team to make language and culture awesome for everyone.

We’re excited to introduce KiDeeF Spanish—a super cool program designed to ignite your child’s love for language and culture right here with us!

Por o para tu bien

Besides “Todos para uno y uno para todos,” there’s a saying in Latin America: “Para el bien de todos,” meaning “For the good of all.” Or else, “Por el bien de todos,” that also means “For the good of all.” Wait! What? Well! We know Spanish can be a bit complicated at times.

To make it simple, they both mean the same but they are not the same. We’ll explain this on our article: “Por o para tu bien,” in which we will show you some phrases to help your children start their Spanish journey.

Dynamic Spanish: KiDeeF

At Kasa de Franko, we prioritize your children’s language development. We aim to create a language-rich environment akin to how they learn their first language.

Our approach emphasizes understanding the message within context, allowing students to worry less about grammar structure while continuously learning it during our lessons.

Spanish Popularity!

At Kasa de Franko, we’re committed to fostering a global community where language and culture thrive. With Spanish gaining popularity and significance as one of the top romance languages, now is the perfect time to introduce it to your child through our KiDeeF Spanish Program.

You already learned one phrase from The Three Musketeers. Let´s go for more! Be on the lookout as throughout the year we offer free thematic Spanish lessons for your children.

Los tres mosqueteros

We already know what the phrase ¨Todos para uno y uno para todos¨ means. This famous proverb is widely associated with unity, solidarity, and teamwork, originating from the famous novel “The Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas.

This phrase signifies the importance of unity and collective support, emphasizing the idea that individuals work together for the benefit of the entire group.

KiDeeF: Internalizing Spanish!

It promotes a sense of camaraderie and mutual assistance, highlighting the strength that comes from unity and collaboration. That’s how we understand Spanish and how we help our students to acquire the language.

KiDeeF’s main goal is to help your kid internalize Spanish in a real life context and not just learning it in an extremely academic setting.

Embrace Language and Culture:

As a species, we are evolving into a more connected world. With over 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide, it’s a language that bridges cultures. We believe in offering everyone the chance to embrace Spanish fluency, starting with your child. Find out why kids learn Spanish faster than us by reading our KiDeeF article Kids Playing in Spanish.

Kids: Language Sponges!

Many people refer to kids as sponges, soaking up information and lessons from the world around them (while simultaneously making numerous messes of their own).

Some say the best learning happens before the age of 10 and others, (perhaps those with a more negative outlook) claim that you can’t teach kids anything these days.

Thankfully, we at Kasa de Franko know that kids are fantastic learners, especially when it comes to speaking another language.

At Kasa de Franko, we’ve witnessed firsthand the remarkable learning potential of children, especially in language acquisition: Children acquire and internalize Spanish as it were their native tongue.

KiDeeF Spanish Programs

To cater to different learning styles, we’ve developed KiDeeF Spanish, a versatile online program offering conversational classes, Small Group Lessons, and personalized Private and Semi-private Sessions. Check out our current Holiday saless!

50% Off KiDeeF Spanish Small Group Lessons.
Up to 50% Off KiDeeF Private lessons.
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30% Off Spanish Family Lessons.

Feeling the Spanish Rhythm!

At Kasa de Franko, our lessons emphasize context and the spoken language. We don’t want your child to get bogged down and frustrated with redundant grammar charts and busy work like repetitive sentence writing.

We want your children to be immersed in the language and feel the rhythms and idiosyncrasies of the spoken words, so learning Spanish is a physical experience as a way to fully engage in the language and embrace it as part of their daily experiences.

Empower your Child!

As our world becomes more interconnected, empowering your child with language skills enables active participation in global conversations. Help them become not just a speaker but also a listener, contributing to the community—para bien de todos or por el bien de todos.

If you’d like to know how learning Spanish can benefit you children, read our article: Kids: Six Reasons to Learn Spanish. If you want to know how you can help your kids learning Spanish by themselves when playing, read our article: Kids Playing in Spanish!

Adults Class Offered!

As a reminder to you, the parent or caregiver, we offer adult classes as well. Whether you want to brush up on existing Spanish or don’t know the difference between Hola and Cinco de Mayo, join the movement to become a fluent Spanish speaker. Nunca es tarde para aprender. It’s never too late to learn.

Parent Testimonials

Discover why parents like Dulce, a Yelp user, rave about our online classes at Kasa de Franko!

Dulce shares, “I highly recommend Kasa de Franko! My 9 year old daughter has been attending their online zoom classes for the past few months and she loves it! She is learning so much and feeling much more confident in her speaking skills. It is challenging but yet fun and interactive with some limited homework assignments which helps with the learning. They have great communication through emails and text and very professional as well.”

We’re truly thankful to Dulce and all the parents who trust us with their children’s Spanish education.

Free Spanish Lessons!

If you are not sure yet we are the right match, you can pick a Free Spanish Lesson for you kid. Click on the red button and choose whether you want a private or a group lesson for you or your kid. Get ready to get immersed in the Spanish world. And always remember,

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