Play to Learn Spanish!

Don´t pay to learn Spanish! Just play in Spanish! Get a Free Spanish Lesson for your kiddos and let them have fun learning Spanish. The way kids learn: by playing!

If I were a kid again, I would be able to play and learn again. Learning Spanish while playing gotta be fun. Kids never stop amazing me: They can play anytime they want. I’m not even just saying with toys.

Doesn’t it feel like kids can play anywhere, at any time and make everything a game? Children have an incredible knack for turning everything into a game. Their ability to absorb new information swiftly gives them an edge in learning languages like Spanish.

Abracadabra Spanish!

Children see it and think about it: can this be a game? And… Abracadabra: It becomes a game! Unlike the challenges adults face in adopting new skills, for kids is just magical. To me, it looks like they just snap their fingers, and voilà, ¨Zuácate español¨ (Abracadabra Spanish) appears out of thin air!

Let’s be honest: these are the little things I’m jealous of when it comes to kids. I wish I could be a kid again so I can learn playing. The only game I play is usually “can I have an extra serving of ice cream without putting on weight.” Not very fun.

Kids are way better at coming up with games. Unlike adults, who often struggle to infuse playfulness into education, children find innovative ways to make learning Spanish an exciting adventure.

KiDeeF Spanish!

At KiDeeF Spanish, our Kasa de Franko’ program for kids, fostering your children’s language skills is our priority. We strive to replicate the language-rich setting that mirrors their initial language learning experience.

Our method emphasizes comprehending messages within context, enabling students to focus less on grammar structure while continually absorbing the language during our lessons. Nevertheless, as you may already know, our most effective approach is: Play to Learn Spanish!

Rapid Learning Abilities

They learn super-fast. Kids pick up on things ten times faster than I do. I’m not even an old man (although I do notice some new aches and pains every now and then…uh, oh!).

This learning agility significantly aids in their language acquisition, making it appear effortless compared to the slower pace adults experience.

Early Start and Natural Learning

Kids can get started early—you know, because they are so young. Learning Spanish is just one of the things they can start at a young age, and it becomes natural to them.

Anything I want to learn takes me a little longer, and since I’m older…I don’t have the head start they do.

Their young minds absorb language concepts easily, making learning Spanish feel intuitive and second nature to them. Early exposure lays a strong foundation for language skills.

Joy of Teaching Spanish to Children

We absolutely love teaching children Spanish. Teaching children is even more FUN! They are always super excited, interested, and engaged with the Spanish lessons, which makes it fun and energizing. Kiddos, learn Spanish online. It is for your own good!

¨Por tu bien o Para tu bien¨

Prefer the comfort and convenience of online lessons? If so, look into our Small Group Lessons for Kids! As we always tell our students; Kids! Learn Spanish! “¡Es por tu bien!” (It’s for your own good!).

If you don understand yet the difference between . “Es por tu bien” and “Es para tu bien”, check out our KiDeeF article: ¨Por tu bien o Para tu bien¨

Spanish Bridge!

If your child shows interest in learning another language, Spanish is also an excellent place to start. It is typically an easier language to start with and can also be a bridge to learn additional languages in the future, especially romance languages: Did you know that Italian and Portuguese are over 80% similar to Spanish? Now, you got it!

Multilingual Kids

Imagine having a child who can speak multiple languages—what an advantage! If I had the opportunity to learn several languages when I was a child, for sure I would have so much fun. How awesome would it be to bust out some foreign language on the playground? I feel like I would have been king of the jungle gym!

By the way, I’m joking about being old…I’m not that old. Right? At least that’s what I keep telling myself! The good part is…teaching both children and adults Spanish in easily learned lessons is what keeps me young (I hope).

What parents are saying?

Tony’s daughter participated in different KiDeeF programs: Tina has made progress and now she is able to speak Spanish fluently. Out of happiness, Tony kindly wrote us a review on Yelp

“This is a great Spanish learning program. My daughter has been making great progress in Spanish from zero knowledge. We will continue to learn Spanish with Franko. He is a great teacher, very nice to all students and teach them with all his passion! Great Teacher and great Spanish Class!”

We just need to say: Thank you Tony for trusting us! ¡Muchas gracias Tony y Tina por su preferencia! As we always say: Play to Learn Spanish!

Free Spanish Evaluation

If you still have more questions, schedule a 10-min evaluation/orientation Zoom meeting. We will be more than happy to assist you and offer you the best options for your child.

Red is for Free!

Click on the red button to schedule a Free Group Lesson or a One-on-One Spanish evaluation. We will be more than happy to answer any lingering questions after our free events. You can get a free lesson for yourself: group or private.

Click free and always remember:

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