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Free Spanish Online Lesson: All levels!

Do you lack confidence when speaking Spanish? Do you feel embarrassed to make mistakes in front of a native Spanish speaker? Then, it’s time to get over that fear! Learn Spanish in context by speaking with native speakers.

Book your 30-min. Free Spanish Trial Lesson & start speaking Spanish: Kasa De Franko´s Free Online Spanish Lessons will get you on the right track to fluency.

We offer students a wide variety of courses, methods, learning styles, and schedules to choose from. If you want to learn conversational Spanish, our LSS program is for you:

Learn Spanish Speaking (LSS) is a Kasa de Franko Program. LSS will give you the tools to overcome your fear, achieve fluency, and feel confident when speaking Spanish.

Speak Spanish with a native speaker and develop your language skills in a similar way you learned to speak your first language: By acquisition.

This is your opportunity to get the necessary speaking practice at a very reasonable cost, have a wonderful time, and move further in your life and education.

During your 30-minute free trial session, besides teaching you Spanish, we will explain how the LSS program works and give you better advice on your Spanish learning process.

Don´t just learn Spanish! Better Speak Spanish!

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