¡Giant Erotic Ceramics in Peru!

Wait, what’s this about? Giant Erotic Ceramics in Peru? I thought we were going to dive into more spicy Spanish phrases. Hold up, folks! But hey, who knows, maybe it all ties together in the end, right?

We’ll make sure the Huacos Eróticos (erotic ceramics) give you a peek into some sultry Spanish phrases or maybe even ancient pre-Hispanic languages. As promised: presenting our fourth post in our sexy series, ‘Things Spanish People Say in the Bedroom.’

Moche People

But before we dive into the enticing realm of sensual talk in Spanish (or Quechua), first, let’s introduce you to the fascinating world of the Moche civilization in the pre-Hispanic Northern-Peru.

The Moche people flourished long before the Inca culture—the epitome of Andean civilization. In order to better enjoy our trip back in time, we need to find the right guide. No one better that Michael Cocke for this task. Ready?

Mike Cocke’s Traveling Machine!

Yo, remember Mike? Yeah, he’s our dude from Boston, been tight with Kasa De Franko for ages. You might recall that time he slipped up and told his girl Gina he was into her mom’s vagina (me gusta la chucha de tu madre). Classic Mike!

So, Mikey’s been buzzing about these ‘Huacos Eróticos’—these jaw-dropping, racy ceramic masterpieces from the ancient Moche culture. Imagine Mike, with his infectious excitement, hyping us up as if we’re going to binge-watch an ancient “Love Island,” but with ceramic stars instead.

Moche, There We Go!

We packed our bags, geared up for adventure, and landed right smack dab in Moche City. But before we could say “Holy Huaco!”, we’re greeted by these towering, steamy ceramics! Gina, God bless her, pretended to blush, but we knew she had her eyes glued to those ancient, umm, phallic wonders!

As we all know, Mike’s the Ceramics Champion and our ticket to a pre-Hispanic time-traveling machine—not the DeLorean but close enough. He spins ancient tales like a pro, making dusty history feel like a lively fiesta.

No more presentations: He´s our history and language guru. Mike would soon start comparing Moche huacos (ceramics) with Kama sutra and Greek sculptures.

Pre-Hispanic Kama sutra!

“Think of the Moche Huacos Eróticos as the ancient Peruvian version of Netflix‘s steamy series, and the Kama Sutra as the OG romantic guidebook.” Mike said to his friends.

The Moche folks were like, ‘Hey, let’s make pottery showing our wild love tales,’ while the Kama Sutra was all about ancient Indian love tips and tricks.

Moche People Got it Bigger!

Imagine an ancient Peruvian tale woven into racy ceramics—these aren’t your grandma’s tea sets! Or much less those naked Greek sculpture purposely carved with a diminished masculinity. Who knows why?

Was it Greek prudish or just didn’t feel like having that phallic pride? Again, who knows? Surely, the Moche people weren’t prude: they were actually very proud of their phallic greatness. No prude but proud: the greatest combo!

Porn from 100 to 800 AD

Those Huacos Eróticos they crafted? Full of scenes that didn’t mind showing the male prowess, if you catch my drift! As we now know, they were pretty proud of the phallic greatness they depicted in their pottery.

The Moche civilization, way back from 100 to 800 AD, was sculpting stories onto pottery. Think pre-Columbian Onlyfans or Instagram—except etched in clay! They showcased love, passion, and human connections that’d make Shakespeare do a double-take—and of course, blush!

Chupacabras’s Moche Mythology

Aipaec—the head honcho, a blend of creativity and violence—was like the ancient superhero with a twist: a creative genius who also decapitated folks to drink their blood, like a pre-Hispanic version of a plot-twisting chupacabra! Wait, what?

Yes, remember how we talked about the Peruvian origins of el Chupacabras—who taught us some dirty words in Quechua? Could it be him? Maybe?

Decapitator Trophy Head Vessel

Make sure Aipaec doesn’t get mad at you or he’ll take your head—and won’t give you one, unless that’s what you want, if you know what I mean. You surely wanna see the “Decapitator Trophy Head Vessel,” a superstar Huaco. It’s always about power, isn’t it?—just like life, just like sex.

While their main god is a male figure, the most important rulers in Moche society were female leaders, except for the well-known Señor de Sipan (Lord of Sipan).

Moche Female Power!

Moche Female Power! La Dama de Cao and La Sacerdotisa de Moro, hear them roar! These ladies owned ancient Moche society! Gina’s cheeky line, ‘That’s literal pussy power!’ got everyone’s eyebrows jumping.

Mike, the history guru, chimed in, ‘They ran the show! Imagine, more crucial than the Lord of Sipan!’ These powerhouses weren’t about pottery; they were calling the shots in ancient Peruvian hotspots.

Mike’s tales had us wondering: ancient legends or pottery ‘Game of Thrones’? Just wait until we dive into sexy Spanish talk!

Sexy & Romantic Words in Spanish!

Now, it’s time to let the huacos exude their sexiness and teach us some sexy, dirty & romantic phrases we could use with our loved ones. Why not learning a few pre-Hispanic phrases as well? Who knows? You may get to use it in Peru. Ready for the sexy and dirty talk—or for even more while in Moche?




Yumanakuy hacer el amor to make love
Sumaq warmi mujer hermosa beatiful woman
Yuyaymanaykim Siempre pienso en ti I always think of you
Munayki / Kuyayki Te amo / Te quiero I love you
Muchaykusqayki Te besaré I will kiss you
Ñuqawan casarakuy Cásate conmigo marry me
Urpichaymi kanki Eres mi cariño, mi amor You’re my love
May way Amor lascivo Lascivious love
Kuyayku Amorcito Honey, babe
Kuyaway Quiéreme Love me

More Dirty talk or Folk Tales to Tell?

Or Both! Take a look at our previous article on dirty talk in Spanish: ¨Dancing with words¨ ¨Spanish is Sexy¨ & ¨Unleashing the Spanish Passion¨. In this cool series, you could find the reasons behind alcohol helping your Spanish.

If interested in more folktales, traditions, rituals, and legends like el sexy Chupacabras saga, read our stories about el Dia de los Muertos, la Santa Muerte, la LLorona and la Ciguapa in our KDF Blog. Getting to know better this mythical beings will offer you a closer approach to the Spanish language and culture.

Laughing with Mike Cocke!

For a good laugh, also head over to KDF’s Blog to catch Mike’s accidental gaffes when learning Spanish. Trust us; it’s comedy gold! Mike’s also a correspondent of Koslachek—our sister company in Peru offering tours to visit los Huacos Eroticos.

Traveling with Koslachek!

Now, let’s pack our bags for a journey with Koslachek Tours! They’ve got the keys to Northern Peru—the land of lost empires and stunning landscapes. Join us as we uncover the secrets of ancient Moche with Mike and Gina, and explore the tantalizing history behind Moche’s Erotic Ceramics.

If you intend to learn Spanish before heading to Peru, we are more than happy to offer complementary lessons.

Free Lesson in Spanish

For all those interested in visiting los Huacos Eroticos in Moche, get Free Spanish Classes and be ready to dive deeper into the vibrant world of Spanish language and culture!

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Dirty phrases in Spanish language
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