KinDerF Weekdays – Beginners I

KinDerF Weekdays – Beginners I

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Beginners I

Mon. 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. (US PDT)

Jul. 1 – Aug. 12

7 sessions of 30 minutes.

Kids (3 – 6)
Who’s this class for?

KinDerF Spanish Online for Kids is a Kasa De Franko’s Spanish Program for younger children (3 to 6 y.o.) Online lessons is the best way to introduce younger kids to the Spanish language. At a very young age, children get along with technology giving them the advantage of learning a new language faster. Your child will speak Spanish from day one of class.

KinDerF Methods

KiDeeF’s immersion method recreates the natural way kids learn their native tongue, putting more emphasis on conversational Spanish than grammar and vocabulary without context. We create our own material: Our twenty years of experience as polyglots and language teachers backs us up when it comes to teaching Spanish to children.

We are committed to delivering the best service while using the most effective methods. We embed our mission in every KinDerF and KiDeeF lesson at Kasa de Franko.

All class material included

KDF’s learning materials are created by native-speaker instructors and linguists teaching children how to speak, read, and write their native language in Peru.

We will provide e-material: E-textbook, e-workbook, presentations, flash cards, and game and song activities, etc. Your kids will learn to read, write, listen, speak and, especially, converse in Spanish.

Our e-material is designed to help kids absorb the language more effectively. All material included in the class fee.

Class Content
Learning Objectives

Introduce basic language skills: self-introduction, alphabet, and numbers. Develop foundational pronunciation through songs. Explore beginner vocabulary: colors, shapes, fruits, and basic verbs.

Lesson 1:

Introduction to self, alphabet, numbers 0 to 10, vowel and consonant sounds, practiced through songs like “Un elefante se balanceaba” and “La mar estaba serena.”

Lesson 2:

Expressing feelings, learning basic colors and shapes, accompanied by the song “Hola, ¿Cómo estás?”

Lesson 3:

Exploring fruits, using the verb “Gustar” with objects, practicing syllables, and colors through activities and songs like “Canción Me gusta + comida.”

Lesson 4:

Introduction to ordinal numbers, emotions, and the verb “Haber,” reinforced with songs such as “Si eres feliz y lo sabes.”

Lesson 5:

Learning numbers 10 to 20, animals, and professions, focusing on vowels and consonants pronunciation through songs like “Yo quiero ser.”

Lesson 6:

Spelling fruits, counting rabbits, exploring transportation and vegetables, practiced through songs like “Canción de las verduras.”

Lesson 7:

Understanding sizes, preferences, and emotions, with pronunciation practice through songs like “Pez pequeño, pez grande.”

Trial Lesson Kids
Group Class Size Policy:
  • Three students minimum per group is required for meeting the 7 sessions of 30 minutes.
  • If two students or fewer, same fee BUT meeting 7 sessions of 20 minutes.
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