Pre-Basic Spanish II – Online

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Beginners II

Day. –.– – –:– (US PDT)

–. — – –. — (5 weeks)

Instructor: Pedro López

Age: Adults (18+)
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PBS courses are only held on Sat, & weekdays before 6 p.m. (PST)

Who’s this program for?

PBS is designed for students who prefer understanding grammar before enrolling in any of our all-immersion programs: Prime Time Spanish & Early Bird Spanish.

Our Pre-Basic Spanish courses are for complete beginners & who had very little to no exposure to the Spanish language.

Pre-Basic Spanish II (PBS-II) follows PBS-I. This level will continue walking you through the Spanish grammar, phonetics & vocabulary in English.

If this isn’t your level?

If after the first lesson, you think this isn’t your level, we can switch you to a different PBS class of similar fee & category: No additional charge.

All class material included

Kasa De Franko‘s tuition includes a textbook, workbook, interactive material, access to our social media, socials & much more. We review your homework every week, providing you with immediate feedback.

Class Content
  • Learn masculine and feminine noun distinctions.
  • Understand “the” and “a/an” equivalent in Spanish.
  • Review saying numbers, focusing on tenths.
  • Distinguish when to use specific articles in Spanish.
Lesson 1:
  • Gender & number of nouns in Spanish.
  • The articles: el, los, la, las, un, unos, una, unas.
  • Difference between definite & indefinite articles.
  • Numbers: Reviewing the tenths
Lesson 2:
  • The time: ¿Qué hora es? What time is it?
  • Parts of the day.
  • Daily routine.
  • Syllables: Sa-Se-Si-So-Su / Za-Ze-Zi-Zo-Zu
Lesson 3:
  • Intro to Ser and Estar: Basic uses.
  • Countries & nationalities.
  • Professions & occupations.
  • Syllables: Va-Ve-Vi-Vo-Vu / Ba-Be-Bi-Bo-Bu
Lesson 4:
  • Verbs Categories in Spanish: -er.
  • Verbs Categories in Spanish: -ir.
  • Months of the year.
Lesson 5:
  • Difference between tomar y beber.
  • HAY: Intro to Verbo haber, There is/There are.
  • Syllables: Tra-Tre-Tri-Tro-Tru / Dra-Dre-Dri-Dro-Dru
Group Class Size Policy:
  • Two students minimum per group are required to have the full 5-hour program.
  • One student, the same fee, 5 sessions of 45 minutes.
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