Spanish Summer Camp – Elementary – Advanced I

Spanish Summer Camp – Elementary – Advanced I

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Básico I

Mon-Fri. 1 – 1:45 pm (US PDT)

Jun. 17 – Jun. 21

5 sessions of 45 minutes.

Kids (6 – 10)
Summer Spanish Immersion Experience

KiDeeF Spanish has evolved into Kasa De Franko’s Online Spanish Summer Camp for Beginners, offering an innovative and immersive approach to language learning. Building on KiDeeF’s proven methods, our camp engages young learners through interactive activities, virtual field trips to Spanish-speaking countries, and live sessions with native-speaking instructors.

Through games, songs, and cultural experiences, campers will develop a strong foundation in Spanish while having fun and making new friends. At Kasa De Franko, we believe in making language learning an exciting journey that inspires curiosity and confidence in our campers. Join us for a summer of exploration and language discovery!

Embracing an immersive approach, KiDeeF mirrors the natural language acquisition process, prioritizing conversational Spanish over grammar and
vocabulary in isolation. From the very first session, your children will begin speaking Spanish confidently.

Week Class Content
Learning Objectives

Enhance skills with an emphasis on conjugating essential present tense verbs. Expand vocabulary by focusing on adjectives, place-related adverbs, various locations in town, and the distinctions between Ser and Estar. Practice spelling and pronunciation using tongue twisters and engaging activities.

Day 1:

Conjugation with regular and irregular verbs of the present tense: Verb Estudiar and Entender. Review of places in town.

Day 2:

Practicing pronunciation with tongue twisters, using verb to ser (Origin) & Estar (Localization) with places to go on vacation.

Day 3:

Practicing common verbs with the Daily Routines. Use of adverbs of time and improve pronunciation practicing syllable Ja.

Day 4:

Review ordinal and cardinal numbers, the modal verb “need,” and parts of the house (Partes de la casa). Incorporate “guess the words” activities.

Day 5:

Learn vocabulary related to recycling and conservation. Practice pronunciation and expand vocabulary through short readings. Study vocabulary about family and relatives.

Trial Lesson Kids
Group Class Size Policy:
  • Three students minimum per group is required for meeting the 7 sessions of 30 minutes.
  • If two students or fewer, same fee BUT meeting 7 sessions of 20 minutes.
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