Small Group Lessons


Classes at Kasa De Franko are offered for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced students. They are divided up into 5 levels with each level having it’s own 5 week course designed to get students to progress at a rewarding pace ensuring each student has the confidence and fluency to move onto the following course.

Courses and classes are offered by the package. For example, a beginning student who has no knowledge of the Spanish language would enroll in Beginning Level 1, and prepare for an intensive (yet fun!) 5 week introductory Spanish course.

Once a student completes all levels and courses, they are eligible for KDF’s “Advanced Advanced” continuation program which engages students by helping them around the intricacies and nuances of speaking Spanish like a true native speaker.

To find out more about KDF’s class schedule, fees or to enroll, head over to our Lessons and Fees page, or simply CLICK HERE.