St. Patrick's Spanish Discount Fiesta

The Party is at Kasa de Franko

Alright folks, grab your green gear and dust off those lucky charms because it’s that time of the year again – St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you’re Irish by birth or Irish at heart, this lively celebration promises a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in the form of good times, great craic, and maybe just a wee bit of mischief. Join us for our St. Patrick’s Spanish Language Discount Fiesta at Kasa De Franko!

St. Patrick's Spanish Discount Fiesta

Celtics Inhabiting Spain!

But wait, let’s not forget to add a sprinkle of Spanish flair to this Celtic celebration! Celtics (Celtiberians) were also Spanish after all. Here at Kasa de Franko, we’re blending the magic of St. Patrick’s Day with the joy of learning Spanish. It’s a fiesta you won’t want to miss!

First things first, let’s talk about the man, the myth, the legend – Saint Patrick himself. Legend has it that ol’ Paddy drove the snakes out of Ireland, but let’s be real, snakes were probably just too cold to slither across those rolling green hills.

Nevertheless, we raise a pint to Patrick for bringing Christianity to the Emerald Isle way back in the 5th century. Cheers to you, Saint Paddy!

St. Patrick's Spanish Discount Fiesta

What to Do for San Patricio?

Now, onto the festivities! Picture this: streets painted green, leprechaun hats bobbing in the breeze, and the sweet sound of fiddles filling the air.

St. Patrick’s Day parades are the heart and soul of the celebration, with floats, bands, and dancers all decked out in their finest shades of shamrock. And don’t forget to wear your green!

Unless you want to be pinched silly by mischievous revelers – ain’t nobody got time for that.

St. Patrick's Spanish Discount Fiesta

¡Comida y bebida! (Food and drink!)

But let’s not overlook the real stars of the show – the food and drink! Corned beef and cabbage, anyone? This classic Irish dish is as comforting as a warm hug from your favorite leprechaun.

Wash it down with a pint of the black stuff – Guinness, of course! And if beer’s not your thing, opt for a smooth sip of Irish whiskey or a creamy Irish coffee. Just remember to pace yourself – you don’t want to be singing “Danny Boy” before the sun goes down.

St. Patrick's Spanish Discount Fiesta

No Signs, Don’t Sing!

And speaking of songs, no St. Paddy’s Day celebration is complete without a rousing rendition of “The Wild Rover” or “Whiskey in the Jar.”

Grab your friends, link arms, and belt out those timeless tunes like your ancestors before you. Who cares if you’re a bit off-key? It’s all about the spirit of the craic!

St. Patrick's Spanish Discount Fiesta

Where the Real Treasure Is!

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – those pesky leprechauns. Legend has it that these mischievous little fellows hide their pots of gold at the end of rainbows, but let’s be honest, the real treasure is the memories we make with friends and loved ones on St. Patrick’s Day. So, raise a glass to friendship, laughter, and the luck of the Irish!

St. Patrick's Spanish Discount Fiesta

Never-ending Party!

And guess what? The party doesn’t stop there! Join us for our St. Patrick’s Discount Fiesta for an entire week of deals. Visit our website, to take a look and enjoy our sales week.

At Kasa de Franko, we’re offering irresistible St. Patrick’s Day deals on our Spanish classes. Don’t miss out on these lucky deals – hop online and save on Spanish classes today!

Program Discount
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Group KinDerF / KiDeeF / Teens $100 off on group classes for kids and teens. Let the learning party begin!
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So, there you have it, folks – a whirlwind tour through the magic of St. Patrick’s Day, with a sprinkle of Spanish excitement courtesy of Kasa de Franko.

Whether you’re dancing a jig, sharing a laugh, or simply enjoying a pint with pals, may the luck of the Irish and the Sexy Spanish be with you today and every day. ¡Salud y felicidades gente linda!

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Free Spanish Lessons

Join us for our St. Patrick’s Discount Fiesta, where you can enjoy a virtual pint with pals while scoring fantastic discounts on Spanish classes at Kasa de Franko!

Plus, we’re offering a free Spanish class during the event period! For the entire week, hop online to snag these lucky deals, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style, and take advantage of the opportunity to learn Spanish for free. Cheers to savings, good times with friends, and expanding your language skills! Click red for free and always remember

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