The Post-Pandemic Skill You Must Have: “Espanich”

The Post-Pandemic Skill You Must Have: “Espanich”
Upgrade Your Spanish Skills Post-Covid19! Find Work! Make More Money!

We applauded the heroes during the pandemic: the medical workers, the shelf-stockers, fast-food employees, and gas-station attendants—the liquor store clerks. 

While putting their lives on the line doing Tik-Tok dances, ensuring we could breathe, selling us much-needed booze, canned beans, and extra absorbent toilet paper (while ensuring we didn’t kill each other), we sat and watched thinking—”fuck, I need to upgrade my skillsets.” 

Telehealth, remote working, e-learning, and virtual conferences are present-day realities that demand specific skills to be able to roll with the times.

Money, Money, Money!
Logro, Idea, Escaleras, Escalada, Negocio, Hombre

Everybody needs money: You can’t survive off mommy’s teat forever—even if you have a Sugar Daddy or a quality inheritance, you still have to do something and find meaning in your life. Plus, asking a Sugar-Parent for money involves getting into uncomfortable positions wearing awkward bondage leather, cramping into steel cages, cooking ravioli non-stop, and polishing a stinky hob-knob; over ‘n over again—all of which you may not want to do ad nauseum!

With the recent pandemic sending shockwaves through society, affecting bottom lines and businesses, more and more people are learning it’s time to upgrade their skills and find remote work away from people, online.

More than ever, we humans have to adapt to the times (cats and dogs, not so much). In 2020, everyone is connected to the internet. We can barely leave our phones to charge without an urge that a text needs to be checked or a selfie needs snapped—our advice: start learning applicable skills to get in-tune with the changing times. Oh, and learn Spanish online at Kasa De Franko for these below reasons, because it could mean the difference between lining up at the food pantry, dying in a gutter penniless, or jumping off a high ledge with no safety cord. Please, do not fret, we’ve got you covered.

Skill Upgrade

Like any video game, often you start as a guy or gal lacking skills, stuck at a low-level and unable to do certain things that are only achieved by progressing through the game and defeating one-eyed-monsters not-named one-eyed-Pete! 

Now is the time to make yourself useful, keep a safe social distance from breathing humans, and broaden your horizons and learn the skills needed for this even more digitalized world: Learn Spanish at Kasa De Franko and be prepared for the ride of your life!

10 Jobs That Necessitate Your Spanish Skills
1. Teacher
Niño, Negocio, Dibujos Animados, Comic

You may be thinking, “duh, of course, I gotta know Spanish to be a teacher.” Yes, right. But other teaching jobs which demand Spanish exist, too.

Many schools practice bilingual education, which presents knowledge in two languages. In the US, many bilingual schools and programs use Spanish.

Also, in regions with sizable Hispanic populations, many ESL jobs need or prefer someone with Spanish skills.

And if you want to travel and teach English abroad, speaking Spanish will undoubtedly give you an advantage for landing gigs in countries that “espik” the language of amor. With online lessons at Kasa De Franko, you can nail your interviews and maybe nail your interviewer harder. Plus, it will help to switch to Spanish to teach English language concepts. 

2. Translator/Interpreter
Personas, Hablando, Gesticulando, Conversación, Reunión

These beautiful humans assist people who don’t use the same language to communicate with one another. Whether the communication is in writing or via speaking, they take information from one word and change it to another. 

These jobs exist as Medical translators/interpreters and careers available in government, the court system, and private translation companies. 

You can also try freelancing online or in your area. 

3. Customer Service Representative
Centro De Llamadas

CSR jobs that do require Spanish often pay more due to the additional skills needed. I’m sure you’d like to earn more, no?

When you speak English and Spanish, you can assist a higher volume of customers and be placed much higher on the totem pole than representatives who speak only one of the languages. Those employees will be begging you to teach them, and you can point them to learning Spanish online at Kasa De Franko for free! Click the link for more details. 

 Many CSR jobs are work-at-home or online, so you can work naked with mustard stains on your chest hair and not give a shish-kebab.

4. Sales Professional

Imagine negotiating sales rolling your R’s and nailing your accent.

Internationally, buying and selling goods from around the world can be yours. With your Spanish skills, you can do business with amigos in Spanish-speaking countries. These people will appreciate a sales professional who can interact with their English-speaking clients, suppliers, and business partners while also telling you about their sexless marriage. What fun!

5. Medical Professional

In areas with considerable Hispanic populations, Spanish is in high demand. Patients communicate directly with their nurse and much prefer that than through a translator.

Think nursing assistant, nurse, doctor, EMT, and medical receptionist—all may use Spanish language skills. Even if the job doesn’t require it, it can help you advance in your field or make you a more sought-after candidate. 

Because medical professionals frequently deal with emergencies, speaking Spanish saves lives.

6. Law Enforcement Professional
Ley, Derecho, Cláusula, Párrafo, Justicia, Martillo

Law enforcement is a career where communication is essential, and not being able to communicate clearly could prove deadly.

 In communities with large Hispanic populations, police officers often need to know at least some Spanish to protect better everyone living in these bilingual communities.

Many positions with the FBI and Border Patrol also require Spanish. Remember, no chokeholds!

7. Social Worker

Social workers work with individuals and families intimately. Private information about sensitive situations such as abuse, mental health issues, and other challenges that families face is the Social worker’s domain.  

For this, it’s best to communicate in the language the clients are most comfortable with.

Due to this, communities with large Hispanic populations often recruit Spanish-speaking social workers.

8. Writer
Carta, Escritor, Historia, Apps, Signo, Símbolo

Think content writing, journalism, blogging, or public relations writing. The large Hispanic population in the US means there’s a large market for written materials in Spanish.

The ability to share information clearly in both Spanish and English doubles your marketability. For this reason, many employers seek writers who can write in both languages. Since some writing jobs require interviewing skills, it will help to be able to communicate with the interviewee in their primary language.

The List Goes On

Throughout your life, you are going to run into people from all walks of life. The sooner you have the know-how to speak with them, make them laugh, marry them and bed them, the better.

So study your Spanish, start plotting and get working! 

At Kasa De Franko Spanish School (online and in-person) we take the education of each student very seriously (but not too seriously). We love to laugh, play, and expand our knowledge simultaneously. With the onset and playing out of this pandemic, it is vital to increase your skills and make yourself learn-ed for the next round of catastrophes soon to hit the planet. At Kasa De Franko Spanish School, we got you covered from day one. Don’t know where to start? Start here, and get ready to learn Spanish the best way at KDF. 


Don’t just speak Spanish! Think in Spanish!
Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!
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