April is abril in Spanish

“April”: A Blooming Opening

Ah, April—where the world bursts into bloom! But have you ever wondered why we call this vibrant month “April”? April, or Abril in Spanish, is derived from the Latin word “aperire,” which means “to open,” ¨abrir” in Spanish. Do you think it is just mere coincidence that in Spanish “abril” (April) and “abrir” (open) look and sound very similar?

This name reflects the season of April when flowers and plants begin to open and bloom after the dormant winter months. Thus, April is like a blooming opening—a time of renewal and growth in nature, heralding the arrival of spring

Join us on a delightful quest as we uncover the intriguing origins of this beloved name from its Etruscan echoes to its Latin roots until Ovid’s peptic vision and beyond.

April is abril in Spanish

The Latin Roots

“Aprilis” is our promise of spring. Our adventure begins with the Latin term “Aprilis,” derived from “aperire,” meaning “to open.” Imagine the earth awakening from its winter slumber, revealing a tapestry of blossoms and greenery—a perfect depiction of April’s arrival.

Why “Opening” Matters in April? When April rolls around, nature starts to crack open like a flower blooming. Trees are budding, flowers are popping up—it’s like the Earth is saying, “Ta-da! Here I am!”

April is abril in Spanish

Visualizing Nature’s Big Reveal

Think of April as a grand opening ceremony for nature. The scenery changes from drab to fab with bursts of color and fresh greenery everywhere. It’s nature’s way of showing off!

Ultimately, “Aprilis” captures that thrilling promise of spring—a season of growth, renewal, and all-around awesomeness. It’s like the Earth hitting the refresh button and giving us a show of its best self.

In a nutshell, “Aprilis” isn’t just a word—it’s a celebration of nature coming alive after winter’s snooze. It’s the Earth stretching, yawning, and saying, “Hey world, check me out!” So get ready to embrace the magic of April and soak in the sights of nature’s grand opening! Let’s look into other possible theories of the origin of the word April!

April is abril in Spanish

Etruscan Echoes

It’s really cool to think that the word “April” might have come from the Etruscans, this ancient group of people who lived in Italy before the Romans. They had their own language that’s totally unique and not related to any other Indo-European language we know.

Because the Etruscans and Romans were neighbors, some of the Etruscan language probably rubbed off on the early Romans. So, the word “Aprilis” in Latin might have roots in an Etruscan word like “Apru,” which meant “to open.”

April is abril in Spanish

Ovid’s Poetic Vision: April’s Beauty in Verse

Ovid was like a pro at describing how awesome April is in his poems. In stuff like the “Metamorphoses” and “Fasti,” he made April seem like the perfect time for fresh starts and all that beautiful nature stuff.

He described April as nature’s big comeback after a long winter snooze. Imagine flowers sprouting up everywhere, birds chirping like crazy, and everything around you becoming this vibrant, colorful scene. Ovid thought of April as a time for change and growth—sort of like how we all get that burst of energy when spring finally arrives.

April is abril in Spanish

A Global Celebration: April’s Universality

April is awesome across the globe because it’s all about fresh starts and nature waking up. From ancient times to today, April is a big deal everywhere—it’s like a worldwide party celebrating new beginnings.

In different cultures, April is when winter starts to fade away, and everything starts coming back to life. It’s like nature hitting the reset button and bursting with new energy and growth. You’ve got festivals like Japan’s cherry blossom celebrations (Hanami), India’s colorful Holi festival, and Easter for Christians—all embracing the idea of nature’s renewal.

No matter where you are, April brings a feeling of hope and excitement for what’s coming next. It’s like we all get more in tune with the Earth waking up again, ready for whatever’s around the corner. Being more connected to nature makes us more likely to connect with each other too, especially when everything starts blooming—including love and romance.

April is abril in Spanish

Interested in Learning Spanish Romance?

If you’re looking to add some sexy Spanish phrases to your vocabulary, dive into our blog sections: “Things Spanish People Say in Bed” and “El Sexi Chupacabras.” Here, you’ll discover how to express “I love you” in Spanish and other sensual phrases.

April is abril in Spanish

Ready for Some Language Fun?

While phrases like “¡Feliz Año Nuevo!” (Happy New Year!), “¡Me Gusta la Chucha de tu Madre!” (I like your mother’s pussy!), or “Can I molest you?” (Can I bother you?) might lead to some amusing anecdotes, it’s important to approach language learning with respect and cultural sensitivity. Embrace the richness of languages and immerse yourself in the vibrancy of the Spanish-speaking world.

April is abril in Spanish

Into Legends & Folktales?

Explore our “Legends & Folktales” section to delve into stories about la Santa Muerte, la Llorona, la Ciguapa, El Sexi Chupacabras, and other mythical beings from Hispanic tradition. Visit our “About” section to learn about our passion for teaching.


Names of the Months

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Our Passion, Our Motto!

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April is abril in Spanish

Embracing April’s Magic

As we embrace the beauty of April and its promise of fresh beginnings, why not embark on another exciting journey—this time, into the world of language and culture?

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Gratis Classes

What’s even more exciting? Kasa De Franko offers ¡clases gratis! Yes, we want April to be the doorway to an exciting journey into the realm of the Spanish language.

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April is abril in Spanish
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