Celebrate Holidays with Us!

Hey there, holiday enthusiasts! Celebrate your Christmas with Free Spanish Class! It’s on us. It’s that time of the year again—festive lights, merry tunes, and the excitement of a brand-new chapter.

And guess what? We’ve got something extra special for you: free Spanish classes designed just for adults! Give us a try and you won’t regret! To celebrate these holidays, we offer: Free Spanish Lessons for Adults!

A Fun Spanish School!

Kasa De Franko, a well-established language school in San Jose and the San Francisco Bay Area, is giving away free online Spanish classes during this holiday’s season. Don’t miss the opportunity to get started with your Spanish learning journey!

Born in California, Kasa De Franko aims to share la cultura with all eager learners and bilingual enthusiasts of the United States of America and Canada. A free lesson is your best chance to take the first step towards fulfilling your dream of fluency in Spanish!

Learning Should be a Blast!

At Kasa De Franko, where learning Spanish is all about fun, we believe learning should be a celebration—a toast to life and the joy of acquiring something awesome and useful! Our Spanish classes for adults are as exciting as finding a surprise gift under the tree.

We’ve lined up cool classes online and in person to jazz up your language skills. Plus, as a holiday treat, we’re offering free lessons and fab learning materials to kick-start your Spanish journey from the comfort of your couch.

Online Party Zone

Our interactive holiday’s sessions are happening online—join the fun from wherever you feel cozy, maybe with some holiday tunes in the background! Dive into enjoyable activities, learn some new phrases and polish your Spanish skills with fellow learners.

All our Kasa De Franko Spanish instructors are native speakers, giving you a taste of different accents and slang, making your language journey diverse and vibrant.

Festive Learning Fun

Our sessions will be all about learning the basic of the Spanish language such as the ABC, numbers, basic colors and some cool vocab related to the holidays season.

We will learn how to say: Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! & Happy New Years! in Spanish. To reinforce the new phrases, we will sing a Spanish song.

Join the Holiday Celebrations!

Whether you’re decking the halls or gearing up for a fantastic New Year’s countdown, we’d love to have you join our exclusive Christmas and New Year’s language sessions for adults.

If you are looking for a special holiday gift for a loved one, feel free to check with us. In addition to these free lessons, we also offer you the opportunity to give your loved ones a gift that could potentially change their lives.

Spanish Gift Certificates!

Check with us KDF Gift Certificates if you would like to give a loved one the gift of bilingualism during these holidays. Our gift certificates grant access to our engaging and tailored Spanish lessons, suitable for all levels and ages.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving—a chance to expand horizons, connect with others, and foster a love for language learning.

Wanna Learn Sexy Words & Folktales?

If you’re into learning about traditions, stories, language quirks, and spicy phrases for your lover (or lovers), hop over to our Kasa De Franko’s Blog.

We recommend checking out our series ‘Things Spanish People Say in the Bedroom’ & ‘El Sexy Chupacabras.’ Both sagas got hot and romantic phrases for real-life use.

Want more wild folktales like ‘El Chupacabras’? Go for ‘La Llorona’ & ‘La Santa Muerte.’ For funny language blunders, see ‘Me gusta la chucha de tu madre’ & ‘Can I molestate you?’

Nevertheless, remember, Spanish is not just about encountering sexy creatures like La LLorona or getting cozy with el Chupacabras. Embrace the richness of the culture, and you’ll have a blast!

To celebrate these holidays, we offer: Free Spanish Lessons for Adults! Don’t wait too long or they will be gone! Get your Christmas Gift now: Free Spanish Class!

Now, Ready for Some Free Fun?

Excited to dive into a holiday-themed Spanish adventure for adults? Join our Christmas and New Year’s sessions and let’s make learning Spanish a holiday treat. Grab your spot now by hitting that reservation button, and let’s make some awesome linguistic memories together!

If you prefer a private lesson, Kasa De Franko also offers One-on-One Spanish Lessons. Click on the red button bellow and book your Free Private Spanish Lesson.

Red means Free! Click red for Free, amigos.

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