Under Blood Moon’s Spell

On blood-moon, el Chupacabras teaches people from Vloodymoon Ville sexy Spanish words. Learn Spanish now that you can. Otherwise, you may regret when el Chupacabras finds you.

Vloodymoon Ville, renowned for its proximity to the thriving Californian metropolis of The Pacific Angels, has long been a bustling and popular town—now it is not even a shadow of its former self (¡ni sombra de lo que era!).

Chupacabras strikes again!

Despite its small size, Vloodymoon Ville has gained global recognition for its flourishing industria cinematográfica (film industry) and for the constant Chupacabras attacks—of course, no one knew it has been him every single bloody-moon!

Siempre durante una luna de sangre (Always during a blood-moon).

Era un pueblo pacífico…

Once a pacific town, Vloodymoon Ville has changed after the Chupacabras arrival.

It had always been a very quiet town just surrounded by a bustling city like The Pacific Angels. (Los Angeles Pacíficos) or, like some people prefer to call it: Los Angeles del Pacífico.

However, in the last years, this unsettling string of unexplained deaths in the area has raised suspicions of a notorious serial killer—or perhaps even the presence of an otherworldly creature.


Despite the tireless efforts of the Pacific Angels Paranormal Investigation Department of Homicides (PAPIDOH), no suspects have been identified, and solid leads have proven elusive.

This savage and elusive blood-sucking creature possesses an uncanny ability to evade capture, leaving behind no trace of its nefarious activities.

¡Queremos la verdad!

¨Yes! We want the truth! ¨ cried the folktales. As fear and unease grip both Vloodymoon Ville and The Pacific Angels, the quest for answers and justice intensifies.

The community yearns for respite from the shadowy menace that haunts their streets, while the PAPIDOH´s (¨papitos¨) remains committed to uncovering the truth behind these sinister deaths.

¡Ten mucho cuidado! (You´d better be careful!) El chupacabras anda suelto. (El chupacabras is on the loose.)

The Chupacabras´ Charm

This alluring creature possessed an irresistible charm that enticed both men and women, ensnaring them in its web of temptation.

The seductive Moonlit Chupacabras descended upon the unsuspecting residents, instilling fear and confusion in their hearts.

The fear of the unknown played a crucial role in terrorizing the residents of Vloodymoon Ville.

With their piercing eyes and enchanting presence, the Chupacabras captivated people of all genders. Again, no one knew it was him or how he did it.

No one could resist

The only thing Vlodymoon Ville people were sure about was that no one could resist the Chupacabras´ mesmerizing allure and ¨una etérea belleza¨ (ethereal beauty.)

Many vlodymoonvillians—both men and women—succumbed to their seductive ways, unable to break free from their grasp.

Chupacabras wants to visit you!

Would el Chupacabras pay you a visit anytime soon? Are you ready to face him? Chupacabras loves throwing riddles, questions, and tongue-twisters, in Spanish, at his victims.

Shoopy will slowly suck the blood of anyone who mispronounces, answers incorrectly, or fails to repeat a tongue-twister of his choice with the proper native accent.

Do you know enough Spanish to pass Chupacabras’ test? Get ready! What are you waiting for to learn some Spanish? ¿Quieres morir? (Do you want to die?)”

Learn some Sexy Words!

Shoopy, in its seductive nature, would try to teach you sexy phrases in Spanish.

But you can outsmart him so you can get a chance to run for your life. Unless you want to die, learn some Spanish before it is too late.

Do you wanna save your life? You don´t know how? Kasa de Franko is here to help: Learn these sexy words. You never know: These phrases can save your life!

Español Inglés
Estoy ardiendo por ti. I’m burning for you.
Tus labios me vuelven loco(a). Your lips drive me crazy.
Quiero sentir tu piel sobre la mía. I want to feel your skin on mine.
Eres fuego que me quema dentro. You’re fire that burns me inside.
No puedo resistirme a ti. I can’t resist you.
Quiero perderme en tus brazos. I want to get lost in your arms.
Eres el amor de mi vida. You’re the love of my life.
Tu piel me quema. Your skin burns me.
Me haces temblar de placer. You make me tremble with pleasure.
Soy todo tuyo/a. I’m all yours.

Shame on you!

¨Shame on you for not being able to speak Spanish living in The Pacific Angels.¨ the Chupacabras would jeer at his victims.

These were the moments when the victims regretted not paying attention during Spanish class in high school.

But fear not, it is never too late to learn Spanish before encountering the Chupacabras. Do you wanna know about the Chupacabras?

Chupacabras Saga

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The fourth episode of this saga, titled “The Chupacabras Origins & Victims,” is a must-read. This time, you will learn a number of sensual phrases taught by the Chupacabaras.

More Sexy Spanish

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Once you know these sexy words, use them wisely as they are very powerful and remember not to suck your partners’ blood. You can suck on something else if you want though.

Free Spanish Lessons

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Embrace the richness of the culture, and you’ll have a blast!

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