A Present that Speaks Volumes!

Hey, gift-givers! Are you still on the hunt for that “wow” factor present that’s not your run-of-the-mill gift card or another pair of Spiderman socks or Superman underwear? What about: complimentary Spanish classes? – A GIFT? Yes! Free Holidays Spanish Lessons from Kasa De Franko!

Well, hold onto your Santa hats because we’ve got something else, ¨algo mucho muy” especial for you and your loved ones! Enter the world of Kasa de Franko’s Spanish Gift Certificates—your ticket to spreading holiday cheer with a sprinkle of linguistic pizzazz!

Wait, what’s Kasa De Franko?

Kasa De Franko a well-established language school in San Jose & the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer both online and in-person lessons. Kasa de Franko is an innovative and vibrant language learning institution that stands out for its dynamic and engaging approach to teaching languages, primarily focusing on Spanish.

It’s a place where language learning transcends traditional methods, offering an immersive and enjoyable experience for learners of all ages. Learning a language at Kasa de Franko is not just educational but also fun and vibrant, making it more appealing and interesting for learners.

Spanish Gift Certificates!

Why settle for something ordinary when you can gift something extraordinary? Our Spanish Gift Certificate isn’t just a piece of paper—it’s a gateway to a fiesta of language, culture, and a ton of “¡Hola, amigos!” vibes.

But, how does it work? Well, it is easy, you just choose the present you’d like to offer your loved one (or ones) and they will receive an electronic coupon as a gift card to use it whenever they consider it necessary.

A Gift for You!

As mentioned, KDF is not only offering Gift Certificates, but also a holiday’s present for yourself!? Continue reading this article to secure your Holidays Spanish Free Lesson from our school or, maybe, find the perfect present for that special one in your life.

Our Kasa De Franko Spanish Program is one of the best programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and California. Don´t settle for less: Check us on Yelp or Google!

Don’t wait too long and secure your spot or get that gift of bilingualism for your family and friends. Do you wanna know how it works?

How do you do it?

Steps to Buy a Gift

Step 1: Complete purchase on our website.
Step 2: Complete recipient form here.
Step 3: Recipients will get gift via email.
Step 4: We’ll send you a copy of the gift.

Pick Your Gift!

Are you ready to choose the best gifts for your loved ones? If so: Don’t wait too long and scroll down!

What’s Inside Each Box?

Pick your box, pick your color! We’ll do the rest. Here’s the lowdown on what’s inside:

Spanish Gift Certificates

Spanish Group Lessons Adults
Spanish Private lessons Adults
Spanish Conversational Sessions Adults
Spanish Group Lessons Kids
Spanish Private lessons Kids

Spanish Group Lessons Adults: Ever thought about diving into Spanish with a squad of language-loving pals? Our EBS (¡Early Bird Spanish!) Group Lessons are your weekly ticket to 1.5 hours of fun-filled, interactive Spanish sessions. Think of it as a hangout where you’ll be learning the language of paella and flamenco with your new language-loving crew.

Spanish Private Lessons Adults: Looking for something more personal? Our Private Adults package is like having a Spanish maestro at your beck and call! Get five hours of one-on-one Spanish sessions where you’ll be saying “¡Hola!” to fluency in no time. Flexibility? We’ve got it covered—schedule sessions when it suits you best.

Conversational Spanish Sessions Adults: Want to finesse your Spanish conversation skills at your own pace? Say no more! Our Conversational Spanish sessions are tailored just for you. Dive into immersive conversations for 45 minutes per session, all adjusted to fit your jam-packed schedule.

Spanish Group Lessons Kids: Hola, little amigos! Let’s make learning Spanish an adventure! Our Group Lessons for Kids (ages 3 to 17) are seven weeks of 45-minute fun, interactive sessions. From counting in Spanish to talking about favorite animals, this is where language-learning meets playful exploration.

Spanish Private Lessons Kids: For the tiny tots ready to conquer Spanish, our Individual Premium Spanish package designed for kids is the perfect gift! Five hours of engaging lessons, 45 minutes each, all set at a time that suits your little one’s busy schedule.

Kasa de Franko: Gift the Joy of Spanish!

So, why go for a regular gift when you can gift an experience that lasts a lifetime? With Kasa de Franko’s Spanish Gift Certificate, you’re not just giving a present—you’re opening doors to a world of linguistic exploration and cultural immersion. Offer your loved ones complimentary Spanish classes for Holidays!

Get on board, grab your Spanish Gift Certificate, and make someone’s holiday season shine brighter than Rudolph’s nose!

Because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to unwrap the gift of language? And, what about you? Ready for you free lesson now? Let the fiesta begin!

Read for Spanish Free!

Hey, everyone! Happy holidays, again! We’re all about celebrating in Spanish, spreading love, and making connections here at Kasa De Franko. And you know what? Giving rocks! It’s part of our deal—sharing our culture and giving the gift of speaking two (or more) languages to our awesome pals and clients.

So, for this holiday season, we’re stoked to offer Free Spanish Lessons. Yep, you heard that right! ¡Feliz Navidad y un próspero año nuevo! (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!) And hey, don’t forget: Feliz Santurantikuy! Bendito Solsticio! & Feliz Hanukkah!

Don´t forget: Your Complimentary Spanish Classes for Holidays: See that red button? It’s the freebie zone—click it for your holiday’s gift! And hey, always keep in mind… “

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