Talleres III – Gramática & Narración

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Talleres III

Time: 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Dates: Apr. 12 to May 24
Instructor: Franko Muñoz
Adults (18+)
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Who’s this class for?

This course is for students who have completed all the intro courses (Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced) or have an equivalent knowledge of the material covered in these courses. In order to register for this course, you need at least a basic conversational level. Class will be conducted entirely in Spanish.

All class materials included

Kasa De Franko‘s tuition includes a textbook, workbook, interactive material, access to our social media, socials & much more. We review your homework every week providing you immediate feedback.

Our methods

We all need grammar but not all of us love grammar. If you are one of those who don’t like grammar, this course is for you. We can’t promise you would love grammar with us. However, you will feel you are learning something new while having fun. We know grammar is not for everyone but we can all take advantage of it. You don’t have to enjoy it but you can, at least, look at it from a different perspective.

Let’s say: If you are a math person, you can look at Spanish grammar as a very structured series of elements and a number of formulas you have to apply when using it. If you are an artist you can look at it as different techniques you need to internalize before you better express your art. All types of artistic expressions are a type of language.

You first learn the basics before you can learn to execute or adopt your own free style to express yourself. Learning to speak a different language is then a type of art or a structured math problem you gotta solve. These and other analogies can be used to relate to different aspects of life and professions to better understand grammar. You won´t love it per se but, at least, you will learn to better understand it.

Class Content
Capítulo 1: Perífrasis verbales y verbos modales
  • ¿Qué es una perífrasis?
  • Componentes de la perífrasis verbal
  • Tipos de perífrasis verbales
Capítulo 2: Adjetivos y tipos de adjetivos I
  • ¿Qué es un adjetivo?
  • Tipos de adjetivos
  • Adjetivos determinativos
Capítulo 3: Adjetivos y tipos de adjetivos II
  • Adjetivos posesivos
  • Adjetivos interrogativos y exclamativos
  • Adjetivo indefinido, relativo y demostrativo
Capítulo 4: Adjetivos y tipos de adjetivos III
  • Adjetivos calificativos
  • Adjetivos especificativos
  • Adjetivos atributivos, predicativos y explicativos
Capítulo 5: Grados del adjetivo
  • Grado positivo
  • Grado comparativo
  • Grado superlativo
  • Otras formas superlativas
Capítulo 6: Español: presente, pasado y futuro
  • ¿Cuál es el futuro del idioma español?
  • El futuro del español será tecnológico… o no será
  • Importancia del español en la actualidad
  • ¿Cuáles son los países en donde más se estudia el español?
Group Class Size Policy:
  • Three students minimum per group are required to have the full 10.5-hour program
  • Two students, the same fee, 7 sessions of 1 hour.
  • One student, the same fee, 7 sessions of 45 min.
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