Quarantine Notice

We at Kasa De Franko want all of our friends and family to be safe. Your health is of ultimate importance to all of us.
However as we practice social distancing and self-quarantine, things can get a little lonely, perhaps a little boring, as we long for a little intellectual interaction.

Here at KDF, we get it! We can’t spend all our time binge-watching Netflix and shopping for hazmat suits and toilet paper online. Instead, why don’t we stimulate our brains and get a little one-on-one action in the meantime? What? What did you think we meant? Why, SPANISH CLASSES, of course!

KDF is having an amazing QUARANTINE SPECIAL on all our online classes. Why not sign up now and get all the FUNdamentals down while you are stuck at home?

Right now, for your convenience, we are offering 25% off all GROUP ONLINE lessons, and up 50% off all PRIVATE ONLINE lessons.

 In our group lessons, you can expect the same enthusiastic teacher/student interactions, learning the fun way and hanging out with friends virtually. In our one-to-one lessons, you get the same personal attention and face-to-face learning you’ve come to expect with our skilled instructors.

Our students are important to us. An interruption in our daily lives doesn’t have to mean an interruption in learning. With Kasa de Franko, you can use your time to learn a valuable skill and enhance your life both intellectually and socially.

After all, the only thing that should go VIRAL is your Spanish!

Stay Healthy,

Team Kasa de Franco

Don’t just speak Spanish! Think in Spanish!
Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!
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