Taste the Rainbow at KDF: Leaving the Closet On Pride Month 2020

Taste the Rainbow at KDF: Leaving the Closet
On Pride Month 2020 
Closet-Room Talk at KDF

Coming out of the closet may be the hardest thing for those ‘gay-but-not-yet-publicly-gay’ folks. For those who do, they push the closet door further open, making room for those still in it, fumbling with their fears while keeping their best parts (and dance moves) locked away from the world to witness.

The closet is a very crowded place where everyone lingers for some time before admitting to some sweet-and-poor soul (usually a therapist) that they cannot stop thinking about golden showers, octogenarians, dental assistants, and suction-cupped dildos on their toilet seat. For those in the closet fantasizing about shower time with their same-sex next-door neighbor, or getting whipped and publicly humiliated while electric nipple shockers electrocute them enough to almost kill them, at KDF, we don’t judge—some people frankly like policing their lovers with vibrators, not tasers, and packing their own homemade stuffing and gravy inside another for dessert. The closets are still overflowing, but gay people are braver than those still on the fence.

At KDF Spanish School, we support the LGTBQ community, and you for who you are. We share this language and the world and welcome you to sign up for a Spanish School, unlike any other. You are royalty to us!

Pride Is

This July 2020 marks a historic moment in the United States: Choosing how you want your bagel smeared with the cream cheese on the house. 2020 is a better time to be gayer than ever because even the law supports it!

Brief Sodomy History Lesson

In 2003, the Supreme Court declared that sodomy laws were unconstitutional. Sodomizing became OK between consenting humans and…wait—2003? Yes, it’s only been 17 years since you could lawfully play Packer or Ram with Mister or Misses Wigglesworth.

Goats, sadly, have yet to get the rights they so genuinely deserve and cannot be assfucked without a severe penalty, so focus your efforts elsewhere (you weasel ?).

Fortunately, sodomy is now OK with our overlords, and I’m assuming God too! Jesus and God love everyone, and they don’t say much anyway, so we have to believe they are cool with a bit of hard banging at 3 a.m., a rehearsal for “The Milkman Cometh.” Plus, Jesus never had a problem with black leather whips, assless chaps, or Freddy Mercury—I’ve read the Bible, so I know.

Gen Z and Gender Identity

After the millennial’s era passed with a whoopee came Gen Z, further pushing the bar on the new normal. Sexual identities popped up faster than sleazeballs do at your local Chevy dealer, and now, in 2020, Gay Pride is everywhere today as kids purely question what we even are. These kids have done a lot to carry the torch of their flaming forefathers and mothers.

Gender-creative 13-year-old CJ Duron says, “Gender Is Over” and is so last year. She’s dealt with a healthy dose of haters and bullies but advises youngins that “you aren’t weird, you’re just different. And being different is awesome!”

At KDF, we agree! Here is a source for more info on C.J.

We welcome trans people, people of color, no matter what color of the rainbow they are. Whether you come from the Gayborhood or Costa Rican ghetto, we help those looking to improve their Spanish.

Gay Pride Everywhere

No Fraternity party or buddy barbeque can hold a dildo to a Gay Pride parade—unless that party erupts into a free-for-all sex party or revolution for civil liberties. Most Fraternity parties end up in lawsuits and rape charges anyway, and your buddy talking on and on about how the San Fransisco Giants failed once again gets old after a while, so get some Pride and taste the rainbow.

Gay Bars are better anyway. The jubilation is uncanny, the freedom inspiring. Peacock-men and faux cop outfits with little gear to speak of flaunting around like it’s 1985, and the Chicago Bears just won the Super Bowl.  

This Pride Month, we at KDF invite you to test the constraints of gender identity in yourself and respect all walks of life. Listening to the gay community, learn about their lifestyles and battles, promotes a sense of joy, that people can be happy to be who they are.

Stonewall Uprisings

In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, a police raid at the Stone Wall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan in NYC took place. Patrons of the Stonewall, other Village lesbian and gay bars, and neighborhood street people fought back when the police became violent. The riots are widely considered to constitute the most important events leading to the gay liberation movement and the modern fight for LGBT rights in the United States.

The 1950s weren’t a good time to be gay. New groups of homosexuals in the U.S. sought to prove that gay people could be assimilated into society. They favored non-confrontation education for homosexuals and heterosexuals alike.

Sadly, very few businesses welcomed gay people in the ’50s and 60’s. Stone Wall Inn, however, did as it was a meeting ground among the poorest and most marginalized people in the gay community: effeminate young men, butch lesbians, male prostitutes, drag queens, homeless youth, and transgender people.

Police raids on gay bars became routine in the ’60s. Tensions between the police and gay residents of Greenwich Village erupted into more protests the next evening and many nights later. Within weeks residents of the village organized into activist groups to concentrate efforts on establishing places for gay men and lesbians to be open about their sexual orientation without fear of being arrested.

For gay people, stonewall was the day everything changed. Protestors clashed with police. Stonewall is about speaking truth to power, live your life the way you’re meant to live your life.

Harvey Milk once said, “Hope will never be silent.”

Being gay is a blessing, one that people who embrace this wondrous act of love know all too well.

Fornicate in peace, my friends, and check out our specials. We have lovely moments online and in-person with our students at KDF Spanish School. So many you’ll be golden showering your pants during the Zoom, kicking your friends out of the closet to share their love of Spanish Language, and taking pride in the people we’ve grown up to become.


Don’t just speak Spanish! Think in Spanish!
Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!

Don’t just learn Spanish! Embrace the Spanish Culture!

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