the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?

LEARN the DIFFERENCE in Spanish!

Did you ever have to figure out the difference between ‘ser’ and ‘estar’? Ser o Estar are everyday verbs used in speaking Spanish, which hang beginners up. Although challenging, it’s worth it to know the difference.

The main problem is that in English we only use To Be to express these two very dissimilar verbs in Spanish.

the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?

To be or To be—THAT’s the question!

SER o ESTAR? One of the most common problems for beginners of the Spanish language. Every time someone asks you where you’re from or the time of day, you have a choice to make: Which verb form will you use?

the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?

“To be or Not to be?”

Pick one, and you have a 50% chance of getting it right, and another 50% chance of getting a look like you have a booger in your nose. Hey, you actually got a booger in your nose. Pick it too!

Albright! You’re not the first one struggling with this problem, nor will you be the last. Even the great Hamlet, in a trying hour, asks what is considered the most famous phrase in all the English language: “To be or Not to be?”

He holds out a skull in one hand and is openly contemplating his existence—wondering if he should live or die.

the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?

Struggling Is OK!

Look, conjugating verbs isn’t an existential nightmare, so chill. You’ll get the hang of it but take it from Sir Franko “Hamlet” the second: We all struggle at times with new information, and this is one area that will be confusing at first, but soon you’ll get it.

Even the well-educated, aristocratic Hamlet struggles with these complexities, so cut yourself some slack.

the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?

Stop Sweating!

Stop sweating and stressing out! Kasa de Franko will help you understand this basic and common mistake students make. Español is not the cruel monster most people think it is.

By learning to speak Spanish the natural way through conversing and using it in context, you’ll grasp it in no time!

the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?

¡Importancia de SER y ESTAR!

The verbs SER y ESTAR are high-stakes players in a game of life. They can’t be overlooked because of their everyday use and importance. When it comes to making lasting impressions, you’ll be wise to know how to put these verbs to proper use.

Imagine meeting a Spanish speaking person, let’s say her name is Frida, or his name is Franko. Their beauty is magnificent, and you are trying to impress them with your halfway decent Spanish speaking skills.

Frida or Franko asks you, “How are you doing today?” Now you’re on the hot seat, which verb will you use—Ser or Estar?

the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?

“Soy aburrido”,

Let’s say you are bored and want to be honest and not just spit out a canned, “bien, y tu?” response. So, you say, “Soy aburrido,” and are surprised when they look back at you with subtle displeasure.

Here’s why: You just told them, “I am a boring person.” Immediately you have taken two steps back with one wrong verb choice and now have a 3/5-star review in their mind. Uh-oh!

the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?

“Estoy aburrido”,

Now if you were to say, “Estoy aburrido,” then it would just mean you are bored in this moment. Then Frida y Franko are keen to your current state, no biggie. You’re just bored—not a boring person!

The difference between a life sentence of being Mr. or Mrs. Salty Pants in someone’s eyes comes down to a simple verb change (AND a nose free of boogers). Stick with me amigos y amigas, and you shall prevail.

the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?


There is a famous Doctor, whose name is Dr. Cliff, and I think he can help you out with a few of your questions. With the great Hamlet Jr. (a.k.a. Kasa De Franko) at your side, learning is fun and a surefire way to understand this common question.

the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?

Take the Bull by the Horns!

To comprehend this problematic lesson, we will actively take the bull by the horns and wrestle with the mighty beast! In the end, if you stick with me, you will get that bull under control, and guide it to wherever you want to go.

To be is to exist, to have life, and to boldly go out into the world and tell everyone who you are. When you socialize and meet new people, and new colleagues, it can make a huge difference in your social life, financial life, and bring you untold amounts of free drinks at the bar.

the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?

No One Size Fits All!

I’m excited to meet and work with you, to help you navigate this beauteous romance language on YOUR terms because you’re unique and require instruction tailored to fit your needs.

Kasa de Franko will help your existential struggles in Spanish. Learn Spanish for life. Yet the question remains—Ser o Estar? Which will you choose? Choose Franko—he’s the smartest idiot you’ll ever know.

If this doesn’t help with your existential problem, you may wanna see another type of specialist.

romance language

After Seeing the Especialist…

If, even after consulting a specialist, you’re still grappling with the intricacies of these two guys (SER & ESTAR), just laugh – it’s the best medicine.

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For those intrigued by mysterious creatures like el Chupacabras, delve into our Legends & Folktales section. If you’re eager to learn more about Kasa de Franko, book a complimentary lesson with us.

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Party in Spanish

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Click the red button and secure your spot: Free Spanish Lesson at Kasa de Franko. And always remember…

the difference between 'ser' and 'estar'?
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