To Be (Ser) Or To Be (Estar


Spanish is a beautiful language. It is the romantic language of love to many. The way in which the words roll off the tongue and say so many things in such an eloquent manner. Well, at least until you get to the two verbs that mean the same thing in English.

“Ser” and “Estar” are as good as saying to be or to be in English. However, in Spanish they state two very different ways of being.

To Be (Ser) Or To Be (Estar

How is that?

It’s true and it’s complicated but all you really need to know is that the DOCTOR is in and his name is CLIFT. You see, DOCTOR CLIFT is part “Ser” and part “Estar”. In a way, he is really Doctor To Be, To Be. Are you getting any of this?

To Be (Ser) Or To Be (Estar

Acronym Dr. CLIFT

Let’s break it down for you. We are using acronyms. These are nifty words that are created by the first letter of other words. You know, like NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or something close to that. The NHL is the National Hockey League. Well, DOCTOR is to “Ser” as CLIFT is to “Estar”.


Here’s why.

DOCTOR is one way to remember how to use “Ser”.

D – Description
O – Origin
C – Characteristic
T – Time/Date
O – Occupation
R – Relationship

CLIFT is another way to remember how to use “Estar”.

C – Condition
L – Location
I – …Ing verb (laughing, jumping, etc.)
F – Feeling
T – Taste

So, what can DOCTOR CLIFT do for you? It really depends on what kind of ‘to be’ you are trying to get across. Luckily for you now that you have a doctor on the job, you will never get sick of trying to solve the mystery of ‘to be or to be.’

To Be (Ser) Or To Be (Estar

Run it Through DOCTOR CLIFT

DOCTOR CLIFT is always at your service. He makes house calls. He makes emergency calls. He can write you a prescription to sort out your verb confusion in a snap. This is the kind of doctor every class could use and not just to get through Spanish, either.

Trying to find the right ‘to be’ verb for a Spanish statement? Run it through the DOCTOR CLIFT filter and you should be able to solve the problem easily. He just happens to be that good at sorting out the difference between Ser and Estar: Your Shakespearean existential pain. Exactly! ¡Ser or Estar! That’s the real dilemma!

Worried guy

But Don’t Take Our Word for It!

Run the tests yourself. You won’t need a lab and you won’t need to book follow-up appointments with this doctor on the job. He is the last doctor you will ever need in conjugating verbs in Spanish. Well, the verbs related to being that is.

Can’t figure out if you should be using “Ser” and “Estar”?

Get a hold of the doctor, stat! DOCTOR CLIFT will sort it out in a jiffy and it won’t cost you a thing. Get it right with the help of your trusty doctor and you’ll never be stumped again about “to be or to be.”

To Be (Ser) Or To Be (Estar

After Dr. CLIFT?

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To Be (Ser) Or To Be (Estar

Try Dr. Clink,

If Dr. Clift doesn’t work! Just in case you are still having a hard time with Dr. CLIFT, try this other theory of us: Visit our section Alcohol Rhymes with Spanyol. You never know; you may even get to corroborate that alcohol really helps you speak Spanyol—as shown by studies.

To Be (Ser) Or To Be (Estar

Red for Free

Click the red button and secure your spot: Free Spanish Lesson at Kasa de Franko. And always remember…

To Be (Ser) Or To Be (Estar
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