Beginners Spanish 5


Beginners Spanish 5

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Duration: February 1 – March 1
Fridays 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
5 sessions of 2 hours
Students’ Age: 18+ & Adults

  • More irregular and reflexive verbs in the present and past tense
  • Review of uses of Direct Object Pronouns
  • Intro and uses of Indirect Object Pronouns
  • Intro to uses of Double Pronouns
  • More uses of reflexive verbs: Ponerse, vestirse, peinarse, levantarse, acostarse, etc
  • Uses of “poner” “oir” & “decir”
  • Vocab: Hospital food and festivals: Review of “Clima”
  • Review of “hacer” and uses of “deshacer”
  • More “Yo-Go” verbs
  • Review of uses of “Salir” and “Valer”
  • Uses of “poder” and “pedir”
  • Compare uses of “traer” “llevar” and “caer”
  • Compare uses of “venir” and “llegar”
  • Vocab of places, entertainment, musica, etc
  • Use of direct and indirect objet pronouns
  • Review of presente tense conjugation and pronouns
  • Conditional Structures: Condition Type I
  • Transitive versus Intransitive verbs
  • Review of type of pronouns
  • Concept of object, subject and verbs
  • Review & Intro to past tense: Imperfect versus Preterit
  • PAST TENSE: PRETERIT REGULAR Conjugation of verbs ending in “er” & “ir”
  • Exercises using three groups: Regular Preterit conjugations
  • Conjugations of IMPERFECT: VERBS ENDING IN “AR”
  • Uses of superlative
  • Brief intro to Recent Past
  • Basic comparison of preterit and Imperfect


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