What is Black Friday?

For Black Friday, get a Frree Spanish Class and join the joy of learning a new language. Black Friday is the label granted to the shopping day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday refers to brick and mortar (and e-commerce) stores that lower prices to clear their junk out and incentivize people to get excellent best-selling stuff at much lower prices.

For Black Friday, get a Frree Spanish Class and join the joy of learning a new language.

Why is it Called Black Friday?

It was believed that term “Black Friday” originated from the idea that retailers’ profits would move from “in the red” to “in the black” due to the high volume of sales on this day, marking the beginning of the holiday shopping season. However, this story is untrue!

It was initially called Black Friday because the mass of shoppers created traffic accidents and sometimes erupted into violence. Police neologized the word/phrase to define the mayhem and destruction encompassing the congestion of pedestrian and automobile traffic in downtown shopping areas.

Play Hooky & Get First Dibs!

Now people don’t die as much or get stomped to death, fortunately. But how the day came about it interesting:Β  Long before it got its name, in the 1950s, people started phoning in sick the day after Thanksgiving to give themselves a four-day weekend and sleep off the massive amounts of food they were consuming.

Since stores were open, the peeps playing hooky got first dibs on their holiday shopping needs. Rather than attempting to ascertain who was legitimately sick, businesses just added that day as another paid holiday.

Lo Bueno del Viernes Negro (The Goodness of Black Friday)

In these uncertain times, where the world grapples with challenges, Black Friday brings both excitement and opportunity. However, in the pursuit of deals, let’s not overlook investing in things that truly enrich our lives.

While the chaos of Black Friday shopping has transformed over the years, one investment remains steadfast – education. Consider this: Learning a new language isn’t just about mastering words; it’s an investment in yourself that can yield lifelong benefits.


Yes! Black Friday, Finally. Our KDF’s BFF are here! Amidst the sales frenzy, Kasa De Franko Spanish School offers more than just a deal – it’s an investment in expanding your horizons. Studies suggest that learning a new language not only enhances communication skills but also potentially contributes to cognitive health.

This Black Friday, don’t just accumulate possessions; add value to your life. Explore our package deals and invest in a journey that opens doors to new cultures, sharpens your mind, and potentially safeguards your cognitive health.

After all, in this uncertain world, what better investment than in yourself? To discover more about how learning a language might prevent cognitive decline, delve into our insightful article. Can learning language help prevent dementia?

A post-pandemic world

In a post-pandemic world with the devastating consequences of two wars on the horizon and a holiday season sure to leave you questioning your sanity, consider that learning Spanish will keep you active, happy, laughing, and sane.

Fake vs. Real Learning

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is; like a sexy Instagram guy or gal showing intense interest in you who isn’t the person they pretend to be. It’s called catfishing, and that’s what a lot of these companies with computer software or designed apps do to get people to buy and download their products.

Who teaches better Spanish?

People or machines? These apps and AIΒ΄s are excellent for supplementing the learning process, but technology or computer programs can’t be relied upon to TRULY teach. You will benefit from a flesh and blood teacher, like Kasa De Franko, who promotes a culture-first approach to understanding while providing expertly designed instruction for all levels.

Weapons of Mass Deception!

Armas de Fraude Masivo: Advertisement has always been deceiving. But, nowadays they have gotten worse and cross the line that you don’t know who to trust anymore. And, you are right: They are evil (son el diablo).

Not el Son del Diablo; I wish it were that. It is more fun to dance with demons than believing these false advertisements about learning Spanish in ten days. Think about it: Did you learn your language in ten days? No way Jose! Right!

Now, you know it is scam! You better watch out and not let them suck your blood as el Chupacabras wouldβ€”unless you are still expecting him.

Β‘Nunca confies en ellos!

Never trust them! These days, people are bombarded with false advertising about learning a foreign language; tricked that in ten days they can be fluent and sit next to God on the throne of beneficence and omnipotence.

We know from years of experience teaching and learning languages, that is a flat-out lie.

Languages need Human Flavor!

There is no comparison to REAL human Spanish instruction where an interactive dialogue is had amongst a community of other learners. Kasa de FrankoΒ΄s ultimate goal is to share the culture and language with our friends and customers in the USA.

This Black Friday, you can feel good about all the incredible benefits of learning Spanish while saving money.

KDF Black Friday Deal

While shopping for giant stuffed panda bears, new flat-screen TVs, iPad’s and fitness equipment (to work off all those Christmas cookies Santa leaves uneaten), consider investing in yourself and the future.

Did you know that most of our Spanish programs, online and in-person, at Kasa De Franko, are up to 50% OFF this Black Friday (Viernes Negro)!? The time is now to learn a second, third or fourth language. If you just got born, then your first!

The Black Friday KDF deal is yours for the taking. We have many offers ranging from 1-hour instruction up to 20-hour packages. And ALL are discounted. If you are not sure about signing up for a KDF program, consider joining one of our free trial lessons.

Wondering if you read that right?

I assure you that you did, we offer FREE LESSONS for Black Friday. Exactly, you get a real Black Friday deal, and, not just, a Fry-Day!

We are not only slashing prices like Jason Meyers does people on Halloween (except they are prices not people), we are also offering complimentary tickets to our KDF initiation ritualsβ€”a.k.a. as Spanish free lessons.

The students at KDF come from different walks of life, as our instruction is tailored towards all age groups and skill levels. If you have a pulse, you are welcome at KDF. Unless you’re a friendly ghostβ€”no Β como la Llorona o el Chupacabras.

Why Spanish?

It’s not just the tequila and increased career opportunities (floods of money) that you enjoy when learning Spanish!

One unique advantage is that learning and possessing more than one language improves your health and lowers your risk of developing diseases, which affects how your brain works later on in life: Who knew? Plus speaking another language is like having another soul!

Forget exercise and healthy eating; get your thinking caps on and let’s get loaded on new information that will make your brain do the happy dance and reinvent how you see the world. Exactly, a new language is a new way to experience the world.

Β‘Tirando la casa por la Ventana!

It is Black Friday, and Franko (the founder and principal instructor) is throwing the house out the window (tira la casa por la Ventana) by offering all his clients and friends up to 50% discount on KDF’s Premium Private Lessons for kids and adults.

You also get half-priced courses an all KDF Pre-Basic and Early Bird Spanish programs. You get to paid $5 per session in some of the packages of KDFΒ΄s Learn Spanish Speaking program.

Check out or sales for other languages as well: English, French, Portuguese, you name it! If you are not interested in getting any Spanish courses at KDF, thatΒ΄s totally fine as well.

Instead, you may be interested in learning some sexy words you can use with your loved oneβ€”or loved ones (who knows in this polyamorous-techy world). If that’s your goal, then, you came to the right place. Come with us and learn Spanish! Yes, and not the other way aroundβ€”unless you read the sexy words first!

Come & Learn

Check out our classes and get in contact with us. The half-priced private Spanish packages only happen once a year. Throughout the year, we offer students, at Kasa De Franko, other exceptional discounts. Β‘Todos son bienvenidos! All are welcome!

Ready learn the Spanish sexy words and hot phrases? Here we come:

Looking for More Spice in Spanish?

If you’re keen on exploring additional articles with sensual phrases and provocative language, be sure to explore our collection in the section titled “Things Spanish People Say in the Bedroom

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with these seductive expressions, handle them thoughtfully as they possess considerable power. Not as much power as el Chupacabras’ sick game though. Wanna know what his sick game was click here?

Watch out for el Chupacabras not to suck your blood. And, remember, also avoid sucking your partner’s blood. You might want to suck on something else, though.

If you think you suck just because you can’t afford our KDF-BF discounts, relax! Kasa de Franko’s got your back with something special for you

As part of our Black Friday campaign we are offering complementary lessons (group and private) to all our clients and friends.

Free Spanish Lessons

Hey, ready to dive deeper into some spicy Spanish culture? Join us at Kasa De Franko for a free lesson! Explore everything from cultural myths to legendary tales and sexy phrases.

For Black Friday, get a Frree Spanish Class and join the joy of learning a new language. It is on us!

And don’t worry, we won’t let “El Chupacabras” suck your blood! Unless, well, that’s your thing!

Red for Free!

Ready to get started with your free trial lesson? Click the red button below and let’s embark on this language adventure! Remember, Spanish isn’t just about encountering sexy creatures like El Chupacabras o la Llorona.

Embrace the richness of the culture, and you’ll have a blast! So, what’s holding you back? Let’s dive into Spanish and unlock a world of excitement! And always remember:

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