Advanced Spanish 3


Advanced Spanish 3

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Duration: June 30th – July 28
Sundays 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. 

5 sessions of two hours.
Students’ Age:  Adults.

All class material included.

  • More of Present Subjunctive and review of Futuro Anterior.
  • Intro to Present Perfect Subjunctive: “Haya + past participle”
  • Review of uses of SER & ESTAR using conversation in most Indicative and Subjunctive tenses.
  • Imperfect Subjunctive and Condition TYPE II.
  • Conversation games and exercises: Reviewing Recent Past structure in all tenses including commands: formal and informal
  • Use of Present subjunctive: Non-completed future actions: FUTURE ACTIONS.
  • Review of and exercises with Conditional structures.
  • Review of Future Tenses: Simple and Compound: Futuro Perfecto.
  • Uses of Pluscuamperfect of Indicative.
  • Review of conjugations and uses of Subjunctive mood: PROBABILITY & POSSIBILITY
  • Review of and exercises with Conditional structures.
  • Reading and commenting on articles/readings and expressing own opinions regarding specific topics.
  • Use of article and gender: Exercise for advanced students.
  • Exercises and conversation to practice subjunctive.

Subjunctive in verbal phrases and progressive tenses.

  • Quick review of Imperative Mood: Use of informal commands and review of formal commands and pronouns (reflexives and direct/indirect object pronouns).
  • Vocab: Summer & winter vacations. Hotels & Beach. At the airport.  Conversation and review of basic vocab from the previous program.
  • Miscellanea: Exercises & debates. Debate: Castilian or Spanish.
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