Beginners Spanish Expreso I – Online

Beginners Spanish Expreso I – Online

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Duration: 5 sessions of 1 hour
Ages:  Adults (18+)

All class material included.

¡Tómate un Expreso! @Kasa De Franko: Students will apply grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary learned in previous programs by conversing in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where they can have fun learning more about the Hispanic culture.

Beginners Spanish Crash Course Online Expreso I meet once a week. This course review our regular Small Group Lesson (SGL) Beginners Level 1, 2, & 3.

Reinforce or refresh what you have learned in our SGL courses. Students will become familiar with the content of this course and work grammar on their own to apply it during our program.

In the Beginner level one course, students are encouraged to converse in Spanish at least 60% of the time. In each lesson, students will learn new expressions as they review previously learned material through conversation.

The instructor will guide the conversation and help with the structure using context and repetition on the weekly topic (see class content below).

Students will use sentences in context to understand their meanings. The instructor will start using more Spanish towards the end of the program.


  • Review of level 1: me gusta and intro to verbs with a similar construction: e.g. me encanta, me molesta, me fascina, me interesa, etc.
  • Days of the week and months
  • Review of concept of verbs, nouns, adverbs and adjectives.
  • Basic Differences: SER & ESTAR (with conversational exercises to practice their uses)
  • Quick review of numbers 1 to 100 and time.
  • Intro to numbers from 100 to 1000.
  • Quick review of basic Math Operations.
  • Quick review of vocabulary: house & family.
  • Conjugations and conversational review of 3 verb groups in Spanish: -AR, -ER, & -ER.
  • Uses of Present Tense in conversational exercises.
  • Concept and differences of regular vs. irregular verbs in Spanish.
  • Irregular verbs in present tense.
  • Intro and conjugations of verb IR.
  • Uses of preposition a to express direction and for formula of immediate future.
  • The only two mandatory contractions in Spanish: del & al
  • Use of verb IR to express direction: Conversational and written exercises.
  • Immediate Future Tense: IR + a + infinitive
  • Conversational exercises and dialogs using regular verb conjugations.
  • Intro to “I go” verbs.
  • Basic uses of TENER & VENIR.
  • Vocab of weather/clothes and uses with PONERSE, LLEVAR, VESTIR, TRAER.
  • Compare conjugations of ESTAR, DAR, IR.
  • Uses of SALIR & VENIR
  • Using Present Tense to express Past Tense.
  • Review of levels 1 & 2.

Group Class Size Policy:

  • Four students  minimum per group are required  to have the full  10 hours program.
  • Three students: 10 sessions of 45 minutes.
  • Two students: 10 sessions of 40 minutes.
  • One student: 10 sessions of 30 minutes.
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