Intermediate Spanish 3 – Online

Intermediate Spanish 3 – Online

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Dates: TBD
Time: TBD
Duration: 7 sessions of 1.5 hours
Age:  Adults (18+) 

All class materials included. 

Hybrid Lessons: Students can meet online or in-person. Due to the current situation: Covid-19, the beginning of this class is set up to be held online. If the situation normalizes before the beginning of this program, students will have the option to take the class online or in-person.

  • Intro to Moods in Spanish
  • Intro POR & PARA
  • Review of uses of Simple Past: Imperfect, preterit & recent past.
  • Use preterit and imperfect to talk about your weekend.
  • Conversation about your weekend using preterit and imperfect.
  • Use of imperfect to express simultaneous actions, anticipated action and impossible wishes.   
  • Use of imperfect to express continuous/in progress and habitual actions. Imperfect: settings, description, age.
  • Use preterit and imperfect to talk about childhood and favorite holidays.
  • Vocab Pharmacy& hospital and illnesses.
  • Use of Formal Commands.
  • Intro to Compound verbs.
  • Uses of “Haber”: Conjugations in Present Tense.
  • Past participle to form compound verbs and used as an adjective.

 Group Class Size Policy:

  • Three students  minimum per group are required  to have the full 10.5-hour program
  • Two students or less, the same fee,  7 sessions of 1 hour.
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