Intermediate Spanish 4 – Online

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Intermediate IV

Day. –.– – –:– (US PDT)
–. — – –. — (7 weeks)
Instructor: Franko Muñoz
Adults (18+)
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If after the first lesson, you think this isn’t your level, we can switch you to a different class. No additional charge!

All class material included

Kasa De Franko‘s tuition includes a textbook, workbook, interactive material, access to our social media & much more. We review your homework every week providing you immediate feedback. At this level, students are encouraged to speak Spanish, at least, 60% of their class participation. In each lesson, students will learn new expressions as they converse reviewing previously learned material.

Our methods

The instructor will guide the conversation and help with the structure using context & meaningful repetition relevant to students’ life. Some grammar will be explained in English. Basic grammar topics will be reviewed in Spanish. Students will use sentence structure in context to understand their meanings.

Class Content
  • Difference between Moods and Tenses in Spanish
  • Using por & para
  • Mastering Imperfect and Preterit
  • Using Present Perfect in conversation: expressing actions beginning in the past and still happening in the present
  • Review of Past participle as an adjective and as part of a compound verb
  • Review of pronouns: Direct/Indirect/Reflexive
  • Moods vs. Tenses:  imperative and formal commands
  • Moods in Spanish: use of formal commands with pronouns
  • Review: Present Perfect Tense
  • Conversation and review of basic vocabulary
  • More detailed uses of SER & ESTAR
  • Verbal phrases and Progressive Tenses in all simple and compound Past Tenses
  • Intro to informal commands
  • Verbal phrases and progressive tenses with commands.
  • Vocab: house rooms and domestic chores
  • Intro to Future and Conditional Tenses
Group Class Size Policy:
  • Three students  minimum per group are required  to have the full 10.5-hour program
  • Two students, the same fee, 7 sessions of 1 hour.
  • One student, the same fee, 7 sessions of 45 min.
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