Kids’ Reasons to Learn Spanish

Among the many reasons for kids to learn Spanish, the most important one is that it´s FREE. Yes! Free the Children: Kids need freedom to learn, discover, let their imagination soar and build a better world for everyone.

Learning languages from an early age can open their minds, broaden their horizons, and shape their future careers. While there may be many reasons to learn Spanish, for me, the primary reason will always be when it is free.

Discovering the World!

It is always a great time for kids and teens to explore new hobbies, try different sports, and figure out what they truly enjoy. Let them be and find for themselves what they really enjoy. Of course, children mostly want to have fun because that’s how they acquire languages: They Play to Learn Spanish.

Have you considered how learning a foreign language could contribute to their personal growth? Diving deep into a particular culture can open new doors of learning for any child, making their education richer and better-rounded.

Six Reasons to Learn Spanish!

Today, we’re sharing six great reasons why this is a smart move for even the youngest learners! Among these reasons, the primary reason for kids to learn Spanish is that it can be completely free nowadays. With all the online resources available, it’s possible for anyone to learn any language

At KiDeeF, a Kasa De Franko‘s Spanish Program for Kids, we’re dedicated to helping children and adults learn Spanish in a relaxed, accessible online or in-person environment that helps them grasp the language more easily.

As we are committed to helping children become fluent in Spanish, at KiDeeF, we offer Spanish Free Lessons for kids. In addition to the free reasons we’ve mentioned, we’d like to share five more reasons with you:

  • A great linguistic foundation.
  • Enhanced global communication.
  • Improved academic success.
  • Open doors to new opportunities.
  • More accessible online resources.

A Great Linguistic Foundation

The Spanish language first emerged in the Iberian Peninsula, as a dialect of spoken Latin. As such, it’s similar in nature and structure to many other Latin-based languages, including:

While they’re still young, children possess an incredible ability to pronounce sounds that are both foreign and unfamiliar. They’re also capable of understanding complex grammar rules. The earlier they begin, the easier it will be, though any age is a great time to start!

Even without extensive studying, children who know Spanish can often pick up on these other languages fairly quickly. While they might not be able to speak them fluently, they can still understand key phrases. Especially if your child plans to become multilingual one day, Spanish offers an excellent foundation!

Enhanced Global Communication

Learning Spanish encourages an easier communication around the orb. Around 534 million people speak Spanish in the world, and 460 million people consider it to be their native language. In fact, it ranks among the top five most commonly spoken languages in the world!

Put simply, knowing Spanish helps children communicate more easily with those around them. Although there are more than one billion English-speaking people in the world, only 33% of people consider it their native language.

Improved Academic Success

As Spanish continues to grow in popularity, there’s a strong chance that they’ll encounter people who speak the language at school, on the playground, or around the community. With even a basic understanding, they can start and carry conversations that enrich their lives.

As the most commonly taught second language, Spanish is a primary subject that most students begin studying when they’re still in elementary school.

Then, when they reach high school, they’ll find that Spanish is available as both an Advanced Placement (AP) test, as well as an SAT II subject test.

Open Doors to New Opportunities

While it’s certainly possible to memorize the exam material and do well, it’s infinitely easier when they already enter the course with a strong knowledge of the language. Learning to speak Spanish at an early age can make these courses less stressful, more enjoyable, and ultimately, more rewarding.

Doing well on these tests could open up new opportunities for students, including access to college credit. Beyond that, it’s also becoming increasingly critical for professional success in today’s globalized economy.

More Accessible Online Resources

Years ago, the only way for students to learn Spanish would be in the classroom or possibly through a private, in-person tutor. Today, the internet has made this skill much easier to grasp. Almost anyone can learn a language online by searching “Spanish language lessons near me” or taking advantage of digital resources.

Lifetime Benefits!

By helping your child take advantage of learning a second (or third) language like Spanish, you’re hooking them up with a benefit that will last a lifetime. Did you know that very young children will even quickly pick up a Spanish accent very accurately when learning the language? So now they sound authentic too! Bonus!

KiDeeF Spanish Programs

We’ve crafted KiDeeF Spanish to accommodate diverse learning preferences. Our flexible online program features conversational classes, Small Group Lessons, and customized Private and Semi-private Sessions. Explore our ongoing Holiday promotions!

50% Off KiDeeF Spanish Small Group Lessons.
Up to 50% Off KiDeeF Private lessons.
Up to 50% Off KinDerF Private lessons.
30% Off Spanish Family Lessons.

Each program is designed for all ages and includes all of the materials you will need. There’s an emphasis on developing a natural, communicative approach to the language, using methods such as:

  • Games and activities
  • Puzzles
  • Flashcards
  • Songs and stories
  • Toys

Our Online Small Group Lessons

We believe that having fun is key to learning a new language, and our interactive approach is a great fit for children. If you go the online route, we offer Small Group Lessons as well as Private or Semi-Private Lessons. Each small group is capped at only six students, offering a high level of individualized instruction.

Our courses work for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners, so there’s something for everyone! Each level has five different sections, and each unit goes on for seven weeks. That means we meet once a week for 45 minutes over seven weeks. We usually take a week or two off between each level.

Broadens Horizons

No parent intends for it to happen, but it’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut of choosing books, movies, and television programs that only feature people who look and talk like your family.

Learning Spanish opens your child’s eyes to a world beyond their front door. It encourages conversations around diversity, culture, and respecting others. It also opens the door to a rich repository of Spanish music, film, and literature!

Plus, once your family is comfortable with the language, you’ll find that it’s much easier to travel outside of the United States. You’ll be able to move beyond touristy hotspots and really explore the local communities around you. As the official language of more than 21 countries, Spanish will likely be a big part of your international adventures!

Help Your Children Learn Spanish Now

As a parent, one of the greatest gifts you can give your children is a solid education. As you focus on helping them achieve in their core subjects of English, math, science, and history, don’t forget the importance of learning a second language.

If your child wants to learn Spanish, we have the resources to help. At KiDeeF, we believe Spanish is for All: Kids First! Read our KiDeeF Blog to find out what other parents are saying about our services.

Whats KinDerF or KiDeeF Spanish?

KinDerF is our Kasa De Franko‘s kindergarten program, while KiDeeF is for all other elementary grades. We also offer KiDeeF-Teens! Feel free to explore our site to learn more about each option, and contact us with any questions.

Prefer the comfort and convenience of online lessons? If so, look into our Small Group Lessons for Kids! .

At Kasa De Franko, you can even  Learn Spanish for Free: What are you waiting for? Get a free lesson for your kiddo today! Click the red button at the bottom of this page.

Go beyond Spanish!

Kid: Again, It is for your own good! Go beyond Spanish and read our article, Kids Playing in Spanish, so you’d understand why kids are good at learning while playing. At KiDeeF, we take advantage of that natural talent kids possess to help them in the process of Spanish fluency: Por tu bien!

“Es por tu bien” and “Es para tu bien” translate into English as “it is for your own good¨ However, there is a subtle difference between the two phrases. Find out what the real difference is by reading our KiDeeF article, “Por tu bien o Para tu bien”.

Kiddos, now that you know the main reasons to learn Spanish, why don’t you just go ahead and book your Free Spanish Lesson at KiDeeF?

Free Spanish Lessons!

If you keep looking for another reason to learn Spanish, this should be the one: FREE. That should be still be your man reason though. If you wanna check out our courses but you’re not sure if they’re what you need, grab a free Spanish lesson for your child.

Or get one for yourself if you’re keen to dive into Spanish. Just hit the red button and pick a private or group lesson for yourself or your kid.

Get set to jump into the Spanish world. And always remember

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