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Kids, Learn Spanish for Free! “Es por tu bien”. Learn Spanish for the future: “Es para tu bien”. “Es por tu bien” and “Es para tu bien” translate into English as “it is for your own good”. Yup! Kiddos! I am telling you Spanish is confusing. Why having two different phrases for only one English phrase?

Crazy Spanish!

Both phrases are for the most part interchangeable. However, there is actually a subtle difference. But let’s not worry about it for now, kids. Let your parents deal with it as they need to know how to use “por” o “para” when telling you. “Es por/para tu bien”.

Dear parents:

In a world that’s increasingly interconnected, giving your child the gift of bilingualism is an invaluable asset. Among the myriad of languages out there, Spanish stands tall as one of the most widely spoken and culturally rich languages globally.

But why should you consider Spanish lessons for your child? Let’s delve into why it’s “por tu lbien”—or, maybe, “para tu bien” (for your child’s own good). As examples, let’s use KiDeeF´s stories, our Kasa De Franko Spanish Program for Kids!

¡Es por tu bien, Timid Timmy!

Imagine this: A whirlwind afternoon at Kasa de Franko where the chaos of kiddos reigns supreme. Little Timmy (alias: Timid Tornado Timmy) is raiding the snack cupboard for the fifth time, chanting “¡Quiero más galletas!” (“I want more cookies!”) at a decibel level rivaling a rock concert. Franko, our fearless leader and chief chaos manager, steps in with his wisdom and wit.

Franko’s Frank!

Franko smiles at Timid Timmy and says, “¡No más azúcar para ti! ¡Es por tu bien, Timmy! Vamos a jugar primero y luego, mejor, comes verduras” (“No more sugar for you! For your own good, Timmy! Let’s play first and then you eat veggies”).

See what Franko did there? That’s the beauty of “por tu bien” – sneaking in a Spanish lesson amidst the cookie chaos!

When Franko said: ¡Es por tu bien!, he meant to say: “el azúcar no es bueno”. Sugar isn’t good for your health. Don´t eat galletas. It is for your own good!

Entonces: ¡Es por tu bien! Eso es porque te cuido. Therefore: I am taking care of you by telling you it is for your own good.

¡Es para tu bien, Sassy Susie!

Now, let’s venture into the world of “para tu bien” with a tale involving little Susie (aka Sassy Susie). Picture this: Susie, armed with finger paints, decides that her face and her clothes are her blank canvas and now she is trying to paint her friends faces as well.

Non-Silly Pili Mili!

Pili Mili (one of our Venezuelan Instructors), quick as lightning, steps in and calmly says, “Susie, mejor use papel y no su cara o ropa como lienzo. Así podrás llegar a ser una pintora muy famosa. ¡Es para tu bien! “(“Susie, use paper and not your face or clothes as canvas. This way you can become a famous painter. It is for your own good “). Here, Pili Mili emphasizes the action for Susie’s benefit. For your own good.

No boring lessons at KiDeeF!

And so, parents, welcome to KiDeeF Spanish at Kasa de Franko, where learning Spanish isn’t just “lecciones aburridas” (boring lessons) but a wild adventure of laughter, creativity, and cultural immersion!

At KiDeeF, we believe in coming together like a team to make language and culture awesome for everyone. ¡Todos para uno y uno para todos! as Los tres mosqueteros would say. To know what it means read our article Spanish for All: Kids First.

Check out our KiDeeF methods to know how your child will acquire Spanish instead of just learning it. We play as we learn—or better said internalize and acquire Spanish.

Find out how amazing kids are and how they can play their way to fluency in the Spanish language by reading our article, Kids Playing in Spanish, and discover how you can help your kid in acquiring Spanish through play.

The KiDeeF Experience:

Laughter-Filled Lessons: Our classes are anything but boring! Through funny stories, interactive games, and lively activities, your little ones will giggle their way to Spanish fluency.

Cultural Excursions: We transport kids to the vibrant Spanish-speaking world without leaving the comfort of Kasa de Franko. From flamenco dance-offs to crafting piñatas, we celebrate the richness of Hispanic culture. Well, maybe not flamenco or crafting piñatas, but we definitely do some moves, laugh and play when learning—meaning using kinesthetic to teach your kid Spanish.

Parent Involvement: The learning doesn’t stop in the classroom! Parents, join the fun with our “¡Aprende conmigo!” (Learn with me!) Program or our Family Spanish Lessons program, where you’ll discover the joy of learning Spanish alongside your children.

KiDeeF Spanish Mission!

In essence, KiDeeF Spanish at Kasa de Franko isn’t just about “aprender español” (learning Spanish); it’s a magical journey where “por tu bien” and “para tu bien” blend seamlessly to nurture your child’s linguistic and personal growth.

Join us at KiDeeF Spanish, where every day is an adventure in language and laughter! If you are not sure if we are the right match for your kiddo, see what other parents are saying about KiDeeF Spanish.

Our parents’ testimonial

Dare to explore our social media to know what other kiddos think of KiDeeF Spanish. Eleanor from Santa Clara California wrote on Yelp:

“My 6 year old is doing virtual Spanish classes with Kasa De Franko. I highly recommend it. Her teacher goes above and beyond to make it fun and engaging. He adds a lot of variety a huge amount of energy and plenty of songs to keep her learning and having fun!”

Since she started with us, Emma has been able to quickly develop her Spanish speaking skills.

If, after one of our parents’ review, you are not sure yet, maybe, you wanna read our article Kids: 5 Reasons to Learn Spanish, which explains the benefits of learning Spanish and how it can impact your child’s life.

It these two arguments are not convincing you, why don’t you just get a free evaluation or free lesson for your child by clicking on the button below?

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Learn Spanish for Free, Kids! We also have free lessons for adults.

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