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Beginners III

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All class materials included

Kasa De Franko‘s tuition includes a textbook, workbook, interactive material, access to our social media, socials & much more. We review your homework every week providing you immediate feedback.

Our methods

In the first two lessons, students will learn basic phrases and dialogues to introduce themselves in Spanish. Then, students work in pairs. At this level, students are encouraged to speak Spanish, at least, 50% of their class participation. In each lesson, students will learn new grammar concepts. Every week, students will learn new expressions as they converse reviewing previously learned material.

Class Content
  • Reviewing Beginners 2: me gusta/ecanta: caer bien/mal,   TENER, & VENIR, PONERSE, LLEVAR, Immediate Future, vocab: weather/clothes, days of the week/months, etc.
  • Recent Past: ACABAR + de + infinitive
  • Compare uses of VENIR, LLEGAR, and IR
  • Uses of mucho and poco
  • Present Progressive Tense: gerund.
  • Conversing with more irregular verbs in Present Tense
  • VESTIR, and TRAER.
  • Uses of TENER in detail: Idiomatic expressions with TENER: hambre, calor, sed, frio.
  • Review of concept of verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives.
  • Types of adjectives: Qualifying, Possessive, and Demonstrative.
  • Vocab: community places, colors, weather, clothes.
  • Uses of PODER and PEDIR.
  • LLEVAR versus TRAER.
  • Brief intro to Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.
  • Intro to two types of past tense in Spanish: Preterit and Imperfect.
  • Review of SER & ESTAR and previous levels’ material.
Group Class Size Policy:
  • Four students  minimum per group are required to have the full 10.5-hour program (7 sessions of 1.5 hours)
  • Three students, the same fee, 7 sessions of 1 hour.
  • Two or fewer students, the same fee, 7 sessions of 45 min.
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