Do you ´Spook¨ Spanish?

Spooky and strange, Halloween is creeping and crawling its way to scare the rabbit pellets out of your butt again. Learn to spook sexy Spanish on Halloween before el Chupacabras’ arrival. Yes, as it wasn’t scary enough, this time, on Halloween day, el Chupacabras will be in town testing if people ¨spook¨ Spanish. Are you ready to pass el Sexy Chupacabras test?

Things not to Worry About!

At least, for one day out of the year, the least of your worries are health care deductibles that soil your underwear, the ever-present subconscious fear of death, and the ongoing flood of money releasing from your bank account to offshore accounts owned and operated by Lucifer himself.

Enjoy el Chupacabras While You Can!

This time of the year you have to enjoy Halloween while the Sexy Chupacabras is in town. If you are lucky enough, he may even pay you a visit and make you feel special—of course dead. Find out about our Chupacabras saga on Halloween-Blood-Moon Day!

Dancing with Demons

Instead of Dances with Wolves, baila con los Demonios (Dance with Demons). Halloween is a day to become one with the Devil, or el Chupacabras, if you prefer, dance with it, and take it home for a memorable, but highly forgettable evening; especially if that evening ends in death. On Halloween, a.k.a. “The Devil’s Birthday” you can choose to not participate in the ritual of dressing up like sexy little ladybugs, evil nurses, and characters from Hellraiser, and pass out on your bed wondering if you’ll ever get laid again.

Clinking with Zombie Lincoln!

Or you can clink your shot glass with zombie Abraham Lincoln at and confide in him intimate details of your sex life with your second wife, looking into his oddly comforting face, amongst strange folk strangely dressed.

Free Pass to Evil

You can also worship the Devil (el diablo) free of charge and take pride in its wicked ways for one evening. It’s a free pass to embrace evil. As el Chupacabras, el Diablo is also a gender-fluid being: a Concubus. That’s why there’s no point in giving the Devil a gender, unless you’re blind to the promulgation of the patriarchy, in which case the Devil is a man with a trident-like red staff and a giant flaming boner made of fire, hate and punishment.

Halloween isn´t my Favorite!

For many, Halloween is their favorite holiday. In my case, that’s not the case since I am myself a case in itself. For most people Halloween is about being someone else. Buhh!  I love being myself. Why, then, do I need to be someone else?

Halloween’s Grinch!

Yes! I know I look like the Grinch, But it is true! For me, it’s just another day to drink tequila and get crazy with my friends. Isn’t it? There is always a good excused to get hammered at least once a year.

¡Una vez al año no hace daño!

Once per year, no fear (it doesn´t harm)! That’s what the subheading says! It means it is ok to get hammered once a year, especially if you are going to do it with el Diablo o el Chupacabras—or if you prefer La Llorona, that’s fine too. Everyone has their own fetish.

The Cross-dressing Police Officer!

But there’s something special about the fact that on October 31 it is perfectly acceptable to walk around looking like a blood-starved murderer holding a highly-filled canvas sack with a posse of crazily-clad children, hoping you don’t look away at the wrong moment when they go to the nearest sex offenders house. Or a cross-dressing police officer looking damn good at 1:55 a.m. before the Uber you requested takes him (or her) to a secluded location you now known as “The Whipping Post.”

Overly Cloying American!

Halloween in America is a fantastic day for Hershey’s and other candy corporations that make high fructose syrup, shame, and tooth decay taste like a reward. A coconut and chocolate blast that leaves you feeling hollow and nutritionally deprived, but partially alive.

Halloween all year long!

Haloween is reflective of every day if you think about it: A day where people get dressed up and act like someone else, going around to various people and asking them for things — playing tricks on them when they don’t get what they want.

Human History is a Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treating has a history filled with thugs, hooligans, and scoundrels doing deeds; dirty and cheap. But let’s not get into history, because this is the present, and it needs to be honored with sin, fishnet hose, vials of fake blood, and an oversized bottle of tequila with a sound system that blasts Monster Mash which sends the room into a frenzy EVERY TIME.

As American as it can get!

Halloween in America may not be about honoring the dead as much as it’s about honoring a baseless capitalist ritual devoid of anything spiritual or supernatural. But it’s one freaky good time wouldn’t ya say?!

Spanish Capitalism!

Maybe think about using those gold dollars your kid gets that you steal from every year to invest in your education. At Kasa De Franko we love Halloween and gold dollars. Especially the ones with chocolate on the inside. At KDF Spanish School online and in-person, you will laugh and cry, and forget you are learning something new.

Why Spanish from Kasa De Franko?

No Kidding, with Kasa de Franko, you will be speaking 90 million miles an hour with other Spanish speakers in no time! With lessons personalized to meet your specific needs and our culture-first approach, you’ll find yourself conversing in Spanish at an astonishing pace, like you’ve hit warp speed! Explore our Halloween Spooky Specials, and in no time, you’ll be speaking Spanish better and faster than Speedy Gonzalez.

Halloween’s Specials Almost Gone!

Hurry! Check out our Early Bird Spanish and Pre-Basic Spanish Online! They got 50% Off. Our Kids Classes also have a huge discount. Don’t miss them! If you rather have a trial lesson first, make sure you get your ticket for a Kasa De Franko Free Lesson. And, naturally, you’ll be delighted by the perks that come with learning Spanish, including the complimentary tequila you can enjoy at nearby bars and restaurants. Not to mention you’ll have the chance to meet hot ladies or guys there.

Defeat el Chupacabras!

As it wasn’t good enough you may be able to pass the Chupacabra’s Spanish test and finally defeat him and, possibly, free and safe VladyMoon Vile from its impending doom. Stay safe, enjoy your holiday, and poop your pants responsibly. Keep an eye out for the Headless Horseman. If you see him, tell him I want my Air Jordan’s AND Tupperware container that he borrowed three years ago back. Thanks! If you happen to encounter el Sexy Chupacabras, make sure to pick up some spicy phrases and naughty words in Spanish, so you’re ready to face him. Don’t wait for el Chupacabras to teach you these seductive words; otherwise, you might not live to share the tale—unless that’s your deepest desire.

Learning Sexy Words in Spanish!

If you’re keen to delve into our articles about sensuous Spanish vocabulary, make sure to check out our series ¨Things Spanish People say in the Bedroom.¨ We particularly suggest reading ¨Spanish is Sexy,¨ ¨Dancing with Words,´ and ¨Unleashing the Spanish Passion.¨ For more sexy and dirty phrases, make sure you get to check out our sagas: The Sexy Chupacabras Legend & Funny Learning Language Mistakes. Looking for more?

Free Spooky Spanish Lessons!

Get ready to enhance your knowledge of Spanish culture! Immerse yourself in the world of Spanish and embark on a fascinating journey with our free lessons at Kasa De Franko. Explore a wide range of topics, from cultural myths to legendary tales. Rest assured, there’s no need to fear ‘El Chupacabras’ chasing after you to satisfy its thirst for blood—unless, of course, that’s how you get your kicks!

Red for Free!

Ready to get started? Click the red button below to kick off this exciting language adventure! Keep in mind, that Spanish is more than just hot encounters with sexy creatures like el Chupacabras o el Diablo. Embrace the cultural richness, and you’re in for a fantastic experience! So, what’s holding you back? Dive into the world of Spanish, and always remember:
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